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Contact our administrative and technical staff if you have any questions or would like to contact the Heads of Centres/Groups.

Administrative staff

Karen Arthur profile image

Karen Arthur

Administrator for Ion Beam Centre

Nicole Steward profile image

Nicole Steward

Administrator for Photonics and Quantum Sciences Group

Lynn Tumilty profile image

Lynn Tumilty

Administrator for Nanoelectronics Centre and Advanced Technology Institute

Technical staff

Tony Corless profile image

Tony Corless

Technical and Business Manager

Stephen Downes profile image

Dr Stephen Downes

Research Technician for ATI Laser and Photonics Laboratories

Katie Rock profile image

Katie Rock

Apprentice Research Technician for the Chemistry Laboratories

Grace Terry profile image

Grace Terry

Research Technician for the Chemistry Laboratories

Quanzhong Jiang profile image

Dr Quanzhong Jiang

Cleanroom Technician

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