Past projects

Nanoscale light manipulation for improved organic solar cells

Brett Fisher

Graphene Oxide Material Interfaces in Electronics, Energy and Environmental Membranes

Chris Smith

Organic photodiodes as optical sensors

Kiron Rajeev

Efficiency limiting processes and optimisation of silicon compatible lasers for optoelectronic integration and optical interconnects

Graham Read

Coherent Control of Spin and Orbital Wavepackets of Donors in Silicon using Mid-Infrared and Terahertz Light

Steve Chick

Importance of structure-property relationship and metallophilic stacking of the Azole-Azine ligand based homoleptic Platimum (II) complexes in turning the photo-physical properties.

Ranga Prabhath

Designer Disordered Complex Media: Hyperuniform Photonic and Phononic Band Gap Materials

Tim Amoah

Proton beam writing of 3D-microstructure for microfluidics and MEMS applications

Saaid al Alshehri

Enhancement of light coupling to solar cells using plasmonic structures

Keyur Gandhi

Unfolding the Band Structure of Electronic and Photonic Materials

Ross Maspero

Microelectrode Array Fabrication for Electrochemical Detection with Carbon Nanotubes

James Clark


Phosphorus activation and diffusion in germanium

Muhammad Razali

The interaction of keV cluster and MeV ions with insulating materials

Aniza Abdul Karin

Physical processes in inter-band and inter-subband mid-infrared photonic devices

Abdullah Aldukhayel

Novel synthesis methods of carbon-nanotube-based composite materials

Liam McCafferty

Exciton dynamics in polymer wrapped carbon nanotubes

Sofia Siddique

Selective growth of carbon nanotubes via photo-thermal chemical vapour deposition

Jeng Shiung Chen

Generation and characterisation of the carbon G-centre in silicon

Dilla Berhanuddin

Manufacture of micro-optical elements for imaging and light-guidance.

Mark Langridge

Electronic and phonon properties of 2D layered materials

Nathanael Roome


High performance large-area hybrid photodetectors

Rinku Saran

Nanometric Metal Grids as Transparent Conducting Electrodes for OLEDs

Francis Laurent Maxime Sam

Characterisation of Compound Semiconductors for Next Generation Photonic Devices

Zahida Batool

Examining the effects of nanomaterials in epoxy systems

Winnie Tang

Physical Process in Inter-band and Inter-subband Mid-Infrared Photonic Devices

Abdullah Mohammed Aldukhayel

Optical Magnetism with metallic nano-composites

James Cook

Nanostructured Zinc Oxide Sensors

Mohammad R Alenezi


Solution Processed Self-Assembly for Aligned Carbon Nanotube Devices

John Dear

Electrical Detection of Hydrogen-like Donors in Silicon

Ellis T Bowyer

Carrier Injection Based Reflective Optical Switch in Silicon-on-Insulator

Nathan Owens

Functionalisation of Carbon Nanotubes for 4th Generation Hybrid Photovoltaics

Gangodawilage Dinesha Maria Ranjini Dabera

Carbon Nanotube based Integrated Circuit Interconnects

Muhmmed Ahmad

Magneto Optical Study of Undoped and Doped PbS Nanocrystals

Muhammad Noor Nordin

Organic-inorganic nano-composites for large area device applications

Abdullah Sarhan Alshammari

The effects of excitons on he optical properties of carbon nanotubes: modelling and theory

Matthew Brown

Spectroscopy of Semicnductor Nanostrcutures for Mid-IR Photonics

Michael K Lewis

Modular Doping of Graphene Based Materials

Alexander James Samuels

Mphil - Studies of water flow through carbon nanotubes by molecular simulation

Samantha Shaw

Advanced Nanoelectronic Devices Based on Carbon Nanotubes for Future Electronics

Iskandar Yahya

Hybrid Bulk-Heterojunction Photovoltaic Cells incorporating Zn)

SeungJin Han

A Theoretical Investigation of Coherent Electron Transor and Thermoelectric Effects in Disordered Mesoscoic Structures

Andrew Pye

Nanomaterials for RF and sub-THz applications

Ali H Alshehri

Modelling of Charge Qubits in Silicon Isolated Double Quantum Dots

Philip Howard

Using fluorescence microscopy to determine how cell cycle phase affects different cellular end-points after irradiation in the low dose region

Miriam Barry

Silicon waveguide technology for emerging applications

Milan Milosevic

The application of time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry for the analysis of overlapping fingerprints and inks

Nick Bright

Organic-carbon nanotube hybrid photovoltaics

Nasrul Aamina Nismy

Polymer Field-Effect Transistors

Stamatis Georgakopoulos

Investigation into the efficiency limitations of inGaN-based light emitters

Ben Crutchley

The Development of MeV Secondar Ion Mass Spectrometry

Brian Jones


Optical Characterisation of Dipicolinic Acid Based Organolanthanide Complexes

Paul Critchley

Photonics Based Cryptospoidium Detection System

Somporn Buaprathoom

Development of a Microbolometer for Microdosimetry of Ionising Radiation

Sebastian Galer

Development of Ion Beam Analysis Methods for the Characterisation o Gunshot Residue

Matthew Christopher

Spin dynamics and spin control in narrow gap semiconductors

Marina Leontiadou

Efficiency limiting processes in novel laser materials for optical computing and communications applications

Nadir Hossain

Exciton Dynamics in Carbon Nanotubes

Muhammad Tariq Sajjad

Efficient, High Performance Photonic Devices for Optical Fibre Communications and Related Applications

Sayid Sayid

Slow and stopped light in negative refractive index waveguides

Edmund Kirby

New approaches to improve Thermocouple Thermometry to 2000oC

Oijai Ongrai

Combined Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy for High-grade Brain Tumours

Lara Barazzuol

Laser Fabrication of Plasmonic Metal Nanoparticles for Optoelectronic Devices

Michail Beliatis

Growth and electrical properties of chemical vapour deposited low dimensional sp2 carbons

Yee Yuan Tan

Compuer Modelling and Simulation of the Interaction of keV Clusters with Molecular Solids

Jaydeep Mody

Pulsed laser synthesis of nanostructures for large area nanoelectronics

Imalka Jayawardena

Efficiency of Small Loop Antennas

Marc Harper

Physical Properties of Interband Cascade Edge- and Surface-Emitting Mid-Infrared Lasers

Barnabas Ikyo


Spin Dependent Electron Transport in Nanoscale InSb Quantum Well Devices

Nicole LI

The Growth and Characterization of Silicon Nanowires/ Carbon Nanotubes for Heterojunctions

Parul Sharma

Fabrication and Tailoring of Silicon  Photonic Devices via Focused Ion Beams

Simon Howe

Comparative Study of Boron Activation in Silicon, Silicon-on-Insulator and Silicon-Germanium Substrates

Masamba Kah

Investigating single cell growth dynamics of mycobacteria with microfluidics

Solmaz Golchin


Minature Planar Components for Microwave Applications

Nural Huda Osman

Improving Organic Photovoltaic Device Efficiency through Nanoimprinting 

Joseph Emah

Polysilicon Thin-Film Source-Gated Transistors for Mixed Signal Large Area Electronics

Radu Sporea

Electronic Structure of Quantum Dot : Tight-binding Approach

Worasak Sukkabot

Physical Properties and Efficiency Limiting Processes in Nitride Based in Optoelectronic Devices

Sucheta (Lisa) Ahmed

Erasable Bragg gratings in Silicon On Insulator

Renzo Loiacono

Improvements to Organic Light Emitting Devices with Carbon Nanotubes and Fluoropolymer

Li-Wei Tan

Design, Development and Fabrication of a New Generation Semiconductor X-ray Detector

Shada Kazemi

Proton Beam Writing: A novel tool for Silicon Waveguides Fabrication-

Kevin Yang

Functionalisation of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Proteins: A Comparison of Methods and Efficiency

Kathy Sharpe

A Theoretical Investigation of the Next Generation of MeV Ion Nanobeams

Michael Merchant

Modelling the electronic properties of Si-based quantum structures in external electric and magnetic fields

David Grocutt

Optical & structural properties of ion beam fabricated amorphous and polycrystalline iron disilicide

Lewis Wong


Theory and Simulation of Quantum Dot Semiconductor Amplifiers and Lasers

Dietmar Reschner

Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations of flow through carbon nanotubes

James Cannon

Efficiency limitations and Band Anti-Crossing in novel Dilute Nitride Optoelectronic Devices

James Chamings

The Application of Entropy in Optimising Systems

Kevin Howard

Fabrication of Carbon Nanotube Devices using Thermal Chemical Vapour Deposition

Fumitaka Ohashi

Integration of CNT Bio potential sensors based on a SAW backscatter device 

Shehan de Silva

Palladium Modified Fullerite Systems for Catalytic Applications

Lok Cee Chong

Modelling of field emissions and tunnelling processes for carbon nanotubes amd multilayered structures

Lucian Filip

Excimer Laser Crystallised Polysilicon Solar Cells

Nilushan Mudugamuwa

3 Dimensional proton beam writing for micro electromechanical systems applications

Harry Igbenehi

Reduction of free carrier lifetime by ion induced defects in silicon

Nick Wright

Solving the inverse radon transform for vector field tomographic data

Archy Giannakidis

Silicon based total internal reflection optical switch

Dave Thomson

Semiconductor Lasers as Miniature Biosensors

Jo Coote

High speed silicon on insulator phase modulator

Fred Gardes


Ultraslow and Stopped Light in Metamaterials

Kosmas L. Tsakmakidis

High Speed Silicon-on-insulator Optical Modulators Based on the Free Carrier Plasma Dispersion Effect

Ling Liao

Semiconductor Nanocrystal Hybrid Photovoltaics

Nanditha Dissanayake

Broadband Multilayer Antennas and Associated Materials Characterisation

Chun-wei Min

Millimetre-wave Measurements using the Ring Resonator

Richard Hopkins

Investigation of Adaptive Microwave Communication System using Novel Planar Antennas

Wesam Ali

Novel Thick Film Multilayer Structures Incorporating Interconnects and Antennas

Anne Abeygunasekera

Rheological Chaos and Elastic Turbulence in a Generalised Maxwell Model for Viscoelastic Fluid Flow

Chris Goddard

Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Semiconductors

Richard Sutton

First Order Bragg Grating Filters in Silicon on Insulator Waveguides 

Peter Waugh

The Use of a CFBG Sensor for Detecting Damage in Composite Laminates & Adhesively Bonded Joints

Jayanthi Palaniappan

 A Computer Model of In Vitro Cellular Response to Radiation

Morgianne Richard

Characterising the Interation of Low Dimensional Carbon Nanostructures with Molecules and Nanowires

Daniel Henwood

Proton Beam Writing in Gallium Arsenide

Prashant Mistry

Deactivation of Non-melt Laser Annealed Boran Ultra-shallow junctions

James Sharp

Nanomanipulation and In-situ Electrical Characterisation of Nanowires

Gemma Kerr

Ultrashallow Junctions for Strain-engineered NMOS Devices

Nick Bennett


Boron Activation & Diffusion in Pre-Amorphised Silicon & Silicon-on-Insulator SOI 

Justin Hamilton

Electrical Properties of Pulsed Laser Deposited Amorphous Carbon & Carbon Nitride Thin Films

Yoji Miyajima

Recombination Processes in Quantum Dot Lasers

Nicholas Masse

Theory & Modelling of Functional Photonic Opals

Durga Aryal

Novel Materials for Semiconductor Micro-cavities:  Modulation Spectroscopy & Carrier Lifetimes Characterisation

Gunnar Blume

Control of Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Bio & Optoelectronics Systems

Nicoleta Gaciu

Functionalised Carbon Nanotubes for Biomedical Applications & AC Electro Kinetics of DNA

Jonathan Jeynes

Electron Emission & Injection from Acid Functionalised Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes

Stephen Lyth

Carrier Recombinations in Dilute Nitride Based Near Infrared Semiconductor Lasers

Daniel McConville

Femtosecond-resolved Semiconductor Dynamics with Mid- and Far-infrared Pulsed Lasers

Lida Nikzad

Mid-infrared Laser Diode Performance & Suppression of Auger Loss

Kevin O'Brien

Electrical Characterisation of Free Standing Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

Paul Smith

Autoregressive Optical Filters in Silicon-On-Insulator

Branislav Timotijevic

Spectrally-resolved Approach to Rare-eath-doped Fibre Lasers & Amplifiers

Eldad Yahel


Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Ethanol and Ethanol-water Mixtures

Peter Berryman

Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy Studies of Carbon Nanotubes:  from Atomic Structure to Density of States

Cristina Giusca

Exploring System-on-panel Integration for Next-generation Display Applications

Xiaojun Guo

Investigation & Characterisation of Protein-specific Hydrogel-based Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (Hydro MIPs)

Daniel Hawkins

Radio Frequency Identification and Tagging

Imad Jalaly

Travelling-wave Feed Technique for Circularly Polarized Patch Array

Kum Meng Lum

Optical Studies of Band Structure & Spin-dependent Processes in Mid-infrared Semiconductor Materials & Devices

Martin Merrick

Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes:  a Versatile Electronic Material for Organic Photovoltaics

Anthony Miller

Finite-difference Time-domain Simulation of Femtosecond Pulse Propagation S/C Lasers

Carl O'Rourke

The Formation of Ultra-shallow P-type Junctions using Vacancy Engineering

Andrew Smith

Electron Field Emission Properties from Nanoengineered Structures

Wei Mong Tsang

Novel Defected Ground Structure Patterns

Chai Chuen Wong


Excimer Laser Crystallisation of Amorphous Silicon for Photovoltaics

Damitha Adikaari

Modelling and Characterisation of 2-Terminal Heterojunction Phototransistors

Hwee Ang

Transmitter Linearisation using the Linc Technique & Digital Correction

Abdennour Azirar

Characterisation of Source-gated Transistors in Amorphous Silicon

Frantisek Balon

Phase Noise Reduction Techniques for RF Signal Generator

Sawat Bunnjaweht

Third Order Bragg Grating Filters in Silicon-on-insulator Waveguides

Seong Phun Chan

Low Temperature Growth of Carbon Nanostructures

Guan Yow Chen

Sulpher Doped Silicon Light Emitting Diodes

Sotiria Galata

Optical Ring Resonators in Silicon-on-insulator

William Headley

Investigation of Quartz Crystal Sensor Strategies for the Detection of Phenols

Nikolaos Karousos

Deuterium Retention in Carbon, Beryllium, and Carbon Layers on Titanium & Beryllium

Konrad Klages

Growth & Characterisation of GaN Thin Films by Reactive Sputtering at Low Temperatures

Evan Knox-Davies

Analysis of Printed Strip Monopole Antennas, both with & without Parasitics

Chanchai Laohapensaeng

Flat Spectoral Response Arrayed Waveguide Grating (AWG) in Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) via Ion Implantation

Soon Thor Lim

Millimetre-wave Tapered Slot Antennas on Thick & High Permittivity Substrates

Teck Guan Lim

Investigations into the High Power Limitation of Semiconductor Laser Diodes

Daren Lock

Dual Grating-assisted Directional Coupler in Silicon-on-insulator

Goran Mashanovich

Langmuir Probe Characterisation of Ion Source Plasmas

Jane Mefo

Electron Field Emission Properties of Tip Based Emitters

Richard Smith

Ruthroff Transmission Line Transformers, Guanella Baluns, Low Pass & Bandpass Filters, & Balanced Transmission Lines using Multilayer Technology

Riaz Sobrany

Millimetre-wave Substrate Integrated Waveguides & Components in Thick-film Technology

Daniel Stephens

Blistering & Exfoliation of Ion-implanted GaAs

Melanie Webb


Metastable & Equilibrium Structures in Semiconducting Silicides

Simon-Peter Edwards

Antimony Implants for Ultra-shallow Junctions in Silicon

Talal Al-Zanki

Doppler Signatures from Canonical Rotating Targets

John Christensen

The Effect of Tilt Angle on Ion Implanted Profiles in Silicon

Gianfranco Claudio

Silicon-on-insulator Phase Modulators

Ching Eng Jason Png

Investigations of Two Distinct Pharmacologically Relevant Proteins using Docking Studies & Molecular Dynamics

Anna Tanczos


Fabrication of Rectangular Waveguides using MCM Technology

Md. Aftanasar

Investigation of Low Cost Techniques for Realising Microwave and Millimetre-wave Network Analysers

Bilal Altrabsheh

Dopant Activation & Carrier Transport in Ion Beam Synthesised SiGe

Claudia Cerrina

Chained Function Filters - Theory & Applications

Christos Chrisostomidis

Calculation of Strain & Piezoelectric Effects in Nanostructures

Ursula Christmas

Log Wavelength Spectroscopy of Charge Dynamics & Spin Dependent Processes in Optoelectronic Materials

Damien Clarke

Spectroscopic Characterisation of Semiconductor Laser Structures for Inline Monitoring in the Growth Industry

Stephanie Constant

Recombination Processes in GaInNAs/GaAs Semiconductor Quantum-well Lasers

Robin Fehse

Memory Switching in Ion Bombarded Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Alloys

Robert Gateru

Indium & Gallium AS Dopants for Advanced Silicon Technology

Salvatore Gennaro

Resonant Cavity Light Emitting Diodes:  Device Characterisation & Spectroscopy

Konstanze Hild

Miniaturisation in Separation Science:  Liquid-Liquid Separation on a Chip

Kai-Frederich Hoettges

Microwave Mixers & Modulators using Multi-layer Technology

Choon Yong Ng

Effects of High Pressure & Heat Processing on the Structure & Rheological Properties of Food Proteins

Sekai Ngarize

Erbium Doped Silicon Light Emitting Diodes

Md Saiful Siddiqui

Analytical Techniques for Modelling the Laminated Waveguide

Ioannis Stamatopoulos

Electron Field Emission from Laser Crystallised Amorphous Silicon

Yew Tang

Implant Isolation of InP-based Materials

Patrick Too

Novel Techniques for Improving the Performance of MESFET Power Amplifiers

James Wong


Implant Isolation of Galium Arsenide

Shuja Ahmed

The Theory & Design of Lumped Element Quadrature Hybrids

David Andrews

Room & Low Temperature Synthesis of Carbon Nanofibres

Bojan Boskovic

Accurate Ion Beam Analysis

Ghislain Boudreault

Linearisation Techniques for Microwave Direct-carrier Transmitters

Mitchai Chongcheawchamnan

The Pressure & Temperature Dependence of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Semiconductor Lasers

Gareth Knowles

The Study of Charge Carrier Transport in the Semiconductor Lattice

James Leitch

The Theory of the Electronic Structure of GaNxAS1-x and InyGa1-yNxAs1-x

Andrew Lindsay

Modelling & Design of Antennas for Ground-penetrating Radar Systems

Cedric Martel

Electron Field Emission from Carbons & their Emission Mechanism

Patrick Poa

Microwave Balanced Oscilators and Frequency Doublers

Nipapon Siripon


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