Back in the game

Thank you for continuing to back our student clubs and societies!

Thanks to the support of our alumni community, in the 2022/23 academic year, we were able to support 16 student clubs and societies to transform their clubs for their members. You can read about some of the projects funded below.

Here is how your donations are continuing to support Surrey's student clubs and societies.

To be able to have the iWall as a student at Surrey is fantastic. The opportunities seem endless and with time, and getting to know the features more, I feel this will benefit the club in several ways. Ranging from the beginners right through to the advanced players. To be able to have such an incredible piece of kit at our disposal is a privilege and I look forward to using it more and making it available to all students to improve their skills and squash ability, and all the while having loads of fun along the way! Michael, Squash Club President

American Football

The Forever Surrey Grant of £1,332 has enabled the Surrey Stingers team to purchase five new helmets. These new helmets are high-end and will help protect their players during in the upcoming season. The additional helmets will also allow more of the team to train at the same time, without the need to share helmets which are a requirement to play.

"Thanks to the Forever Surrey Fund grant, we are able to have the new helmets which makes all our players safer and reduces the worry of injuries in the team."
Members of our American Football Team with their new helmets

Electronic & Amateur Radio Society (EARS)

Our Electronics & Amateur Radio Society used their grant of £1,014 to purchase a state-of-the-art Bambu Lab Carbon X1 3D Printer. This 3D Printer is a massive step up from what we have previously used, and its most notable advantage is its maximum printing speed which is 6X faster than our other printers. This greatly benefits our approximately 100 society members as projects can be made much faster than before and to a much higher precision.


Our members have greatly enjoyed using this new 3D Printer and it has also been attracting the attention of future students when we bring this to our university open day stands. People love to watch the hypnotic like motion of the printer at full speed and seeing a project appear from an empty build plate.
Project created by the EARS society with their new 3D printer

Karting Club

A grant of £1,643 awarded to the Karting Club has been used to buy an array of Karting gear. Two rib protectors enabling smoother transitions in our Endurance races as drivers no longer need to wait for the previous driver to remove their Rib Tech and give it to the incoming driver. They also have been able to purchase a new helmet strictly for use in competitions.

“The Forever Surrey Fund enabled the club to maintain their strong results background of recent years by providing more recent and technologically superior safety equipment. Surrey Karting Club remains for that matter as one of the best performing Team Surrey Clubs.”
Members of our Karting Club