Donate to the Battersea Scholarship

We are delighted to have launched the Battersea Scholarship to honour the contribution of Battersea alumni to the University of Surrey’s history.

About the scholarship

Battersea Polytechnic, which was established in 1894, is the foundation on which the University of Surrey is built on. Battersea has always promoted values of open mindedness and generosity, of which this scholarship exemplifies. The Battersea Scholarship builds on these foundations by supporting talented students who are estranged from their families or have been through the care system and we are encouraging all alumni to donate in support of this scholarship.

Donate to the Battersea Scholarship

Thank you for your support.

Scholarships at Surrey

Scholarships are an investment in future generations. Hear the story of three scholarships at the University of Surrey.

We are delighted to have awarded the first scholarship to Anwar Mudh Hid, who is in his first year studying for a BSc in Business Management. You can find out more about Anwar's story by reading our latest update on the Battersea Scholarship and by watching our film detailing a day in Anwar's life below.

Anwar's story

Meet Anwar Mudh Hid, the first recipient of the Battersea Scholarship that your generosity helped fund. In this film, Anwar talks about his day-to-day life at the University of Surrey and what it means to be the first person to receive a Battersea scholarship.