Fund a scholar

At the University of Surrey, supporting those who struggle to reach higher education is part of our DNA. This is why we continue to invest in our students through scholarships. 

How scholarships help our students

Our vast programme of scholarships is already ensuring talented young people can undertake degrees, regardless of their personal or financial backgrounds. But there are many more students that are in need. By supporting scholarships, you can invest in a talented student who may be the first in their family to go to university.

Scholarships at Surrey

Scholarships are an investment in future generations. Hear the story of three scholarships at the University of Surrey.

Make a difference today

Today, you can make a difference by investing in the future of our talented students. There are several ways you can support them to reach their full potential.


can fund a scholarship recipient for their first term at Surrey.


can allow a student to take up a placement year in industry working for some of the leading companies around the world, significantly increasing their future employability


can support a student through the entirety of their course, including an optional placement year in industry.