Opening Doors

Our Opening Doors campaign aims to empower our alumni community to help our current students through a unique and ever changing global crisis. Together we can do this.

Support our students

What our current students are facing

We know that our students are embarking on the most challenging and unpredictable year in the history of our institution.

Due to a graduate job market that is increasingly under strain, there are a significant proportion of Surrey students and graduates who are worried about their employment prospects when they graduate.

Recent research by Censuswide reported the following:

  • 44% of young adults aged between 16-25 have lower aspirations for the future as a result of the pandemic.
  • Almost 50% of recent graduates now feel they will be unable to enter into the career of their choice.

What are we doing to help

We are doing everything we can to help our students, but we cannot do this alone, and we are hoping that you will join us in supporting our students at this critical time.

In response we have launched the Opening Doors campaign. This campaign will empower you, our alumni community, to help our current students through a range of different initiatives, we believe every one of you has a role to play. Together, we can do this.

Ways you can help

By coming together and sharing our skills and experiences, we can open doors for Surrey students.

For any further information email us at