Topics of interest

Take a look at our topics to be discussed during our symposium.

  • Access control
  • Anonymity and censorship resistance
  • Applied cryptography
  • Artificial intelligence for security
  • Audit and accountability
  • Authentication and biometrics
  • Blockchains and distributed ledger security
  • Data and computation integrity
  • Database security
  • Digital content protection
  • Digital forensics
  • Formal methods for security and privacy
  • Hardware security
  • Information hiding
  • Identity management
  • Information flow control
  • Information security governance and management
  • Intrusion detection
  • Language-based security
  • Malware and unwanted software
  • Network security
  • Phishing and spam prevention
  • Privacy technologies and mechanisms
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Secure electronic voting
  • Security for artificial intelligence
  • Security economics and metrics
  • Security and privacy in cloud systems
  • Security and privacy in crowdsourcing
  • Security and privacy in 'internet of things' and cyber-physical systems
  • Security and privacy in location services
  • Security and privacy in mobile computing
  • Security and privacy in social networks
  • Security and privacy in wireless and cellular communications
  • Security, privacy and resilience in critical infrastructures
  • Software security
  • Systems security
  • Trusted computing
  • Usable security and privacy
  • Web security.
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Call for papers

We are looking for papers discussing industrial research and development, focusing on original, high quality, unpublished research and implementation experiences.

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