Erasmus+ study and international exchange

The University of Surrey is a welcoming and supportive place to come to as an Erasmus or international exchange student, and we seek to provide an outstanding experience for all students.

How it works

Depending on whether your home institution has a subject-specific or university-wide exchange or study abroad agreement with us, you may study one or more subjects with us. Exchange students from our partner universities do not pay tuition fees.

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What you can study

Undergraduate exchange students can choose modules from our undergraduate degree programmes and Master's-level students from our postgraduate degree programmes.

Courses at Surrey are called ‘modules’ and most of our modules are worth 15 Surrey credits / 7.5 ECTS credits (equivalent to 3 USA credits). You will need to take 4 modules / 30 ECTS credits per semester.

Our Programme and Module Catalogue provides detailed descriptions of each degree programme and the modules that we offer.

Studying at Surrey

Entry requirements

To be eligible to study at the University of Surrey as an international exchange/Erasmus+ study/study abroad student, you must

  • Be a registered student at one of our partner institutions
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on the 4.0-point scale, 5.0 on the 7.0-point scale, or the equivalent
  • Meet the English language requirement for your main degree programme at Surrey:
  • Be studying in an appropriate subject area and at the level specified in our exchange agreement (undergraduate/postgraduate/doctorate). 
    • Some agreements are university-wide and open to students in most of our subject areas, and others are subject-specific. The exchange office at your home university will be able to provide you with help and advice.
  • Be able to identify a suitable, full-time study programme (30 ECTS credits - typically 4 modules - per semester) for the period of your exchange. 
    • Please check our Programme/Module Catalogue (selecting the correct academic year) to see whether we offer modules that fit with your study programme at your home institution and that they run when you will be at Surrey.

How to apply

Application deadlines

Nomination deadlines:           

  • For semester 1/autumn entry in late September: 15 April
  • For semester 2/spring entry in early February: 15 September

Application deadlines:           

  • For semester 1 September entry: 15 May
  • For semester 2/spring/February entry: 15 October