Postgraduate research students

Find out more about the postgraduate research students working in nanoelectronics.

Postgraduate research students

Leslie Askew profile image

Dr Leslie Askew

Development of an artificial retinal prototype in four colours with organic semiconductors

Georgios Bairaktaris profile image

George Bairaktaris

Postgraduate Researcher

Eva Bestelink profile image

Eva Bestelink

Low power nanoelectronic devices and circuits for large area electronics

Jinxin Bi profile image

Jinxin Bi

Postgraduate Research Student

Wesley Buxton profile image

Wesley Buxton

Postgraduate research student

Dannielle Cox-Pridmore profile image

Dannielle Cox-Pridmore

Postgraduate research student

Michal Delkowski profile image

Michal Delkowski

Postgraduate research student

Mateus Gallucci Masteghin profile image

Mateus Gallucci Masteghin

Postgraduate research student

Yi Gong profile image

Yi Gong

Integrating and embedding ultrathin multifunctional flexible sensor layer in the LIBs

Surajit Kar profile image

Surajit Kar

Development of nanoelectronic probes for high-resolution interrogation of living cells

Shaoyin Li profile image

Shaoyin Li

Postgraduate Research Student

Dongtao Liu profile image

Dongtao Liu

Postgraduate research student

Xueping Liu profile image

Xueping Liu Liu

Postgraduate Research Student

Xinyi Ma profile image

Xinyi Ma

Postgraduate research student

Maheshani Prabodhi Alwis Nanayakkara profile image

Maheshani Prabodhi Alwis Nanayakkara

Organic-inorganic hybrid X-ray detectors for radiation sensing

W Hashini K Perera profile image

Hashini Perera

Development of stable, high efficiency perovskite photovoltaics

Barbara Salonikidou profile image

Barbara Salonikidou

Postgraduate research student

Shashini Silva profile image

Shashini Silva

PhD student

Michael Spencer profile image

Michael Spencer

Molecular photonics based on chlorophyll self-assembled on graphene and carbon nanotubes

Aimee Sweeney profile image

Aimee Sweeney

Highly efficient photon absorption in the retina

Manman Wang profile image

Manman Wang

Postgraduate Research Student

Yun Wang profile image

Yun Wang

PhD student

Thomas Webb profile image

Thomas Webb

Postgraduate Research Student

Ming Xu profile image

Ming Xu

Injectable all-solid-state flexible thin-film lithium batteries

Xuhui Yao profile image

Xuhui Yao

Postgraduate Research Student

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Jerry Yeung

Postgraduate research student

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