Andrew King

Professor Andrew King

Professor of Sociology
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I have researched and written about ageing, gender and sexualities, principally the lives of older LGBT people for over ten years. More recently, my research has focused on housing issues amongst older LGBT people and LGBTQ+ people living in social housing. I am the project lead on a high profile European study which is investigating inequalities across LGBTQ people’s lives in four European countries (CILIA-LGBTQI+). I am also Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Ageing and Gender. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a former editor (2014-2017) of Sociology (the flagship journal of the BSA), and former Chair of the European Sociological Association Sexuality Research Network (2011-2015). 


I am interested in the lives and experiences of LGBTQI+ people across the life course and have been actively researching in this field for over ten years.

Since March 2018 I have been leading a project comparing intersectional life course inequalities amongst LGBTQI+ people in four European countries. The CILIA-LGBTQI+ project is the first project of its kind and will be using innovative methods to address the topic, including agent-based modelling.

I have a particular interest in issues around housing amongst LGBTQ+ people. I was Principal Investigator on the SAFE Housing - Older LGBT Housing in Later Life project, which explored the housing preferences, options and choices of older LGBT people and in 2017/18 I led the project HomeSAFE - which was the UK's largest study about LGBTQ+ social housing residents. I am now working with social housing providers to develop an LGBTQ+ Social Housing Resident pledge card from the findings of the project.

My research on older LGBT+ people stemmed from research I conducted in East London during 2007 and a follow-on project, ‘Putting Policy into Practice’ where I worked with service providers to empower them to improve their services with older LGBT people in mind My book, 'Older Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Adults: Identities, Intersections and Institutions' drew on these studies and was published by Routledge in 2016. For info click here

I ran a ground-breaking seminar series on LGBT ageing, with Professor Kathryn Almack, Professor Yui-Tung Suen and Dr Sue Westwood. A book from this series will be published by Routledge in 2019.

I have published widely in the field of LGBTQ+ ageing, including publications in: Ageing and Society; Sociology; Gender, Work and Organization; International Social Work; Social Policy and Society; The Sociological Review and Quality in Ageing and Older Adults as well as numerous edited collections. 

I co-edited (with Dr Ana Cristina Santos and Dr Isabel Crowhurst) 'Sexualities Research: Critical Interjections, Diverse Methodologies and Practical Applications', which was published by Routledge in 2017 (click here for more details). This collection draws on papers presented at a European Sociological Association Sexuality Research Network (RN23) Mid-Term conference I co-organised whilst Chair of the ESA Sexuality Network (2011-2015).

I am Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Ageing and Gender (CRAG) in the Department of Sociology. An edited collection, 'Intersections of Ageing, Gender and Sexualities: Multi-Disciplinary and International Perspectives' drawing on a conference hosted by CRAG will be published by Policy Press in 2019. This book is co-edited with Professor Kathryn Almack and Dr Rebecca Jones.


  • Sociology of Sexualities (SOC3030)
  • I currently co-supervise 6 PhD students: Bryony Chater, Luke Hubbard, Ioulia Kazana, Frances O'Neill, Frances Sanders and Yen Nee Wong. I previously supervised Dr Carole Murphy (Recovery from Addiction), Dr Neil Elliot (Spirituality and Snowboarding) and Dr Ghinaa Al-Mutawa (Muslim Kuwaiti Women in a Changing World). I am interested in supervising doctoral students in a range of areas, including: Sexualities, LGBTQI+ Ageing, Ageing and the Life course more broadly, and Gender. For further information about the PhD Programme in the Dept of Sociology click here

Departmental duties

  • Deputy Head of Department (except when on sabbatical, Feb-Sept 2018)

My publications


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