Erin Chao Ling


Erin Chao Ling obtained her MS.c degree in Management at the University of Bristol, UK. and BS.c. degree in Tourism Management at Hainan University, China. Currently, she is a PhD researcher at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Surrey, UK. Her research interests focus on artificial intelligence in the travel industry, intelligent digital assistants, human-chatbot interaction, recommender system, consumer satisfaction, travel behaviour and decision making. Also, Erin has started to serve International Federation for Information Technologies and Travel & Tourism (IFITT)  as the Communication Officer since 2018.

University roles and responsibilities

  • Student Mentor

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    MSc (Management)
    University of Bristol


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    Erin Chao Ling, Iis Tussyadiah (2019)Designing Travel Bots University of Surrey
    Hack Hospitality brought together Surrey’s research team with experts in AI and robotics, as well as thought leaders in the hospitality and travel industry to envision how to best implement chatbots for hospitality. Workshop participants engaged in insightful discussion and collaborative exercises using Personas and Scripts to codesign human-chatbot conversations and think about the benefits and challenges of implementing chatbots in the travel and hospitality industry.