Research integrity and governance

The University of Surrey is proud to undertake excellent research to the highest level of integrity and ethical responsibility, working closely with its students, businesses, government and civil society to transition knowledge to the benefit of humanity.  

Acting with integrity

Every member of the University is expected to act with integrity in their work, and this is endorsed in the code on good research practice (PDF) which provide a guide for all research throughout the University. 

View all our research-related policies on the University of Surrey's policies page, including: 

Research Integrity and Governance Office (RIGO)

Research Integrity and Governance Office (RIGO), Research and Innovation Services, Senate House Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH.

  • Phone: +44 (0)1483 683490 / 683890
  • Fax: +44 (0)1483 683791.

Research integrity queries and allegations of research misconduct

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Research misconduct

We resolve to be an honest and ethical institution in the way we conduct our business and discharge our responsibilities. With the University aiming to promote and support an organisational culture in which high standards of personal and professional conduct in teaching and research are expected and achieved.

To that end, the University will oppose academic misconduct and will take appropriate and robust action in instances where misconduct or fraud is discovered. Research misconduct is such a serious matter, those responsible for staff and postgraduate research students conducting research have a particular duty to ensure that those new to research, or to the University, receive appropriate training in the ethical, legal and other conventions concerning the conduct of research.

The University seeks to sustain this approach by providing a research environment that fosters and supports honesty in research, and also discourages unacceptable behaviour, by dealing seriously and sensitively with all allegations of misconduct in research.

It is a condition of conducting research under the auspices of the University that practice conforms to the University’s code on good research practice (PDF). Our code of practice on handling allegations of research misconduct (PDF) describes Surrey's approach to identifying and managing misconduct.

Governance of research