Athena Swan Gold Award

Section of Teaching Enhancement (Nutritional Sciences)

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About us

We are working on developing students' food innovation skills in final year, with a view to bring together much of what they have learnt within their programmes.

We are also increasing our links with the Institute of Food Sciences and Technology (IFST). We recently hosted the South-East branch of the IFST, where our students gave presentations about their UK and international placements, as well as their novel food innovation projects.

We have brought in external speakers into the programme from industry, government and from other universities to provide students the very best teaching experience.

Meet the team

Section leads

Dr Jonathan Brown

Food Sciences teaching enhancement lead

Adam Collins profile image

Dr Adam Collins

Nutritional sciences teaching enhancement lead

Barbara Engel profile image

Dr Barbara Engel

Dietetics lead

Section members

Dr Jacki Bishop

Quality Assurance Co ordinator for Dietetics

Andrew Hulton profile image

Dr Andrew Hulton

Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Sciences

Cecile Jones

Teaching Fellow in Dietetics

Louise Walker

Teaching Fellow (Dietetics) & Admissions Tutor (Dietetics)