Track 5: Business & Policy

We welcome contributions on business- or policy-related or policy research-related topics. These may encompass the economic, social, cultural, political, and environmental dimensions of business or policy research or discuss the practical challenges involved in undertaking policy-related research in the fields of tourism, transport, hospitality, and events.

Track 5. Business & Policy Topics

The topics suitable for submission to this track include, but are not limited to:

  • Policy interventions to address the climate emergency
  • Business decisions, processes, and activities in hospitality, tourism, transport and events
  • Sustainability and/or transport policy
  • Business ethics
  • Policy interventions to address inequalities and promote diversity
  • Business innovation and performance
  • Reframing the tourism, transport, hospitality, and events skills debate
  • Policy planning and research challenges
  • Tourism taxation, value, and economic policy
  • Policy interventions to promote innovation and technological advancement
  • Theoretical and empirical advances in business processes and activities
  • Destination management and marketing policy and practice
  • Business, government, research, and industry partnerships
  • Policy and business learnings from the pandemic
  • Workforce protection/technology and policy

How to contribute

There are two ways to contribute to this track:

  1. Oral presentation. Submit a 500-word abstract by 6 January 2023. Outcomes will be communicated to authors by 3 February 2023. Please use the submission template (docx) to write your contribution
  2. Poster/interactive media presentation. Submit a poster/dashboard/video presentation by 10 February 2023. Outcomes will be communicated to authors by 24 February 2023. 

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