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Centre for Digital Transformation in the Visitor Economy

We are dedicated to researching, endorsing, and advocating the power of information technology and digital media in the visitor economy.

Research aims

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The Centre for Digital Transformation in the Visitor Economy (DIGMY) work in collaboration with leading academic, business, public and third sector partners across a broad spectrum of disciplines to provide rigorous and critical scientific foundation to deliver value to the visitor economy of tomorrow. Driven by innovation and technological advancement to create resilience and digital inclusion, we focus on four core themes: 

  1. Digital transformation in tourism, hospitality and events; including new media and consumer behaviour, new business models and disruptive innovation, transformation in business operations and performance,
  2. Smart systems in tourism, hospitality and events, including: artificial intelligence and robotics, sensors and internet-of-things,
  3. Technology for social good in tourism, hospitality and events, including: technology facilitating health and wellbeing, social isolation and loneliness, inclusion and accessibility,
  4. Data science and innovative methodologies in tourism, hospitality and events; including biometric research, data analytics and pattern recognition in big data.   
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Covid-19 research in hospitality and tourism

Our research aims to understand the needs and requirements of businesses and travellers to be able to return to a new normality when it comes to travelling and the prosperity of businesses.

Research projects

Start date: September 2021

End date: September 2022

Start date: March 2021

End date: September 2021

Start date: March 2021

End date: September 2021


Principal investigator: Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos

Start date: February 2021

End date: January 2021


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Recent events

The future of destinations online forum

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to have devastating impacts on destinations, governments and destinations have taken action to restore and invigorate the sector. This seminar drawing upon industry and academic insights aimed to consider what the impacts of the pandemic have been and how destinations are able to reposition visitor experiences during times of continued uncertainty whilst planning for the future.

Our panel of distinguished industry speakers included:

Our panel of Surrey academic speakers included:

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Mark Ashton profile image

Mark Ashton

Senior Teaching Fellow; Director of Teaching and Learning

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Dr Graham Berridge

Principal Teaching Fellow in Events

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Dr Jason Chen

Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Events Management, Director of Postgraduate Research

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Professor Anita Eves

Professor of Hospitality Management

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Professor Leo Jago

Emeritus Professor

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Kerstine Lawley

Director of Learning and Teaching (SHTM) Senior Teaching Fellow

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Dr Anyu Liu

Senior Lecturer in Hospitality

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Dr Daisy Liu

Lecturer in Hospitality

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Dr Brigitte Stangl

Senior Lecturer in Tourism

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Professor Iis Tussyadiah

Head of School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Professor of Intelligent Systems in Service

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Dr Tracy Xu

Senior Lecturer in Hospitality

Surrey Affiliated Members

Adrian Hilton profile image

Professor Adrian Hilton

Director of Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing

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Professor Ranjana Das

Professor in Media and Communication

Irina Cojuharenco profile image

Dr Irina Cojuharenco

Reader, Founding Director of the University of Surrey Business and Economic Experiments (USBEE) Laboratory

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Dr Husna Zainal Abidin

Researcher Wakayama University, Japan

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Dr Athina Ioannou

Lecturer in Business Analytics

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Elizabeth Ashcroft

PhD Researcher

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Rachel Chang

Postgraduate research student

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Vanessa Cumper

Postgraduate Research Student

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Christy Hehir

Programme Leader and Lecturer in Events / PhD Researcher (Environmental Psychology & Travel)

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Brana Jianu

Postgraduate Research Student

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Max Li

PhD Researcher

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Gilang Majid

Postgraduate Research Student

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Ikram Nur Muharam

Postgraduate Research Student

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Xiaoyi Xu

Postgraduate Research Student