We are a friendly group of students and staff, led by five academics, and working on both pure and applied soft matter physics.

Staff and students

Head of the group

Richard Sear profile image

Dr Richard Sear

Soft Matter Group Leader

Academic staff

Wooli Bae profile image

Dr Wooli Bae

Lecturer in Experimental Soft Matter Physics

David Faux profile image

Professor David Faux

Professor of Physics

Isabella Guido profile image

Dr Isabella Guido

Senior Lecturer in Experimental Biological Physics

Izabela Jurewicz profile image

Dr Izabela Jurewicz

Lecturer in Soft Matter

Joseph Keddie profile image

Professor Joseph Keddie

Professor of Soft Matter Physics

Peter McDonald profile image

Professor Peter McDonald

Emeritus Professor of Physics

Silvia Pani profile image

Dr Silvia Pani

Senior Lecturer in Applied Radiation Physics

Paul Sellin profile image

Professor Paul Sellin

Professor of Physics

Research staff

Technical support staff

Agata Gajewicz-Jaromin

Research (Soft Matter) and Teaching Laboratory Technician

Postgraduate research students

NameResearch area
Arifah RahamanSoft Matter (EU ITN RAMP)
Miryea BorgSoft Matter (EU ITN RAMP)
Megan EatonSoft Matter
Katrin ElidottirSoft Matter
Ors IstokSoft Matter (EU ITN ERICA)
Joe HallSoft Matter (EngD)
Sam HendersonSoft Matter (EngD)
Zhiwei HuangSoft Matter
Magdalena JanotaSoft Matter (EU ITN ERICA)
Toby PalmerSoft Matter
Thomas WatersSoft Matter
Zak MarshallSoft Matter