M-Lab: Biomedical imaging and processing

Application of image and signal processing to medical challenges.

X-Ray of brains

Impact and recognition

  • Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition
  • Two IET Innovation Awards
  • Rotblat Medal for most cited research paper published by Physics in Medicine and Biology.

Current projects

  • Quantitative radiomics in lung cancer treatment planning and analysis
  • Quantify metabolic activity using hyperpolarized [1-13C] and/or 1H MR Spectroscopy
  • Cancer detection and characterization based on multi-parametric MRI
  • Polarisation-Sensitive Optical Tomography
  • Machine learning and virtual clinical trials in digital mammography
  • Tomographic imaging for proton beam radiotherapy
  • Dose and image guided brachytherapy for gynaecological and prostate cancer treatment
  • Non-contact optical imaging for medical imaging acquisition
  • Standardisation of imaging in radiology for applications including image guided radiotherapy and texture analysis.

Projects portfolio

  • Cancer Research UK Programme (2013-2018) “OPTIMAM2: Optimisation of breast cancer detection using digital X-ray technology” – Wells
  • Wellcome Fellowship (2017-2021) “Optical characterisation of epithelial tissue function and metabolism for early cancer diagnosis and treatment monitoring” – Florescu
  • EPSRC project: (2018-2019) “Novel image reconstruction techniques with application to proton radiotherapy for optimisation of cancer treatment” – Dikaios.

Distinctive approach and achievements

  • Optimisation of breast cancer screening methods by Virtual Clinical Trials
  • Patented novel image reconstruction approach for proton beam imaging
  • Developed a generalised reconstruction algorithm for Optical Tomography and advanced CT and SPECT
  • 4D image reconstruction using commercial off-the-shelf optical imaging technology
  • Developed candidate imaging biomarker for lung function
  • Developed national guidelines for image guided radiotherapy for breast cancer
  • Strong collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

Future focus

  • Engage with partners to “roll out” research with impact – NPL, Royal Surrey County Hospital, Alliance Medical Limited, Elekta Ltd, Institute of Cancer Research
  • Develop OPTIMAM collaboration to apply virtual trials methodology
  • Evaluate polarisation sensitive optical tomograph and apply to set of exemplar applications
  • Develop methodology for standardisation of MR guided radiotherapy
  • Evaluate imaging biomarkers for lung cancer
  • Develop imaging synergies with Vet School/vHive.


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