Water Environment and Health Engineering Group

We have a research capability in developing, implementing and managing innovative solutions and interventions for the protection of the environment and public health. We are a diverse multidisciplinary research group with background expertise in civil engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, microbiology, virology, zoology, public health and mathematics.


We are working across the following research areas:

  • Advanced water and wastewater treatment and resource recovery/reuse (water- energy-materials)
  • Fate and behaviour of contaminants-including emerging ones- in the environment
  • Water, sanitation and public health (WASH) in the developing world
  • Recreational water quality; risk assessment and management
  • Remote sensing, catchment surveillance, water resources management, risks and extreme weather in the context of climate change and resilience
  • Urban pollution and health in cities and megacities.

Small water supplies

Small drinking water supplies pose a particular risk to public health. Researchers in this group like Katherine Pond, are working with the World Health Organisation to improve risk assessments for small water supplies. We have developed two films to assist communities using these supplies to carry out risk assessments to identify potential hazards to the water supply.

Research projects

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Funding amount: £77,136

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Funding amount: £97,285

Centre for Environmental Health and Engineering

We collaborate with the Centre on various research such as risk assessment and management, wastewater treatment and water, sanitation and public health.

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