Philip Ely

BA(Hons) Media & Design (University of Portsmouth), PGCert in Teaching & Learning in Professional & Higher Education (Institute of Education, University of London), Associate Dean (Business & Community), University for the Creative Arts, FRSA

Dr Philip Ely is research Fellow at the Digital World Research Centre, University of Surrey, where he has just completed his PhD research on the domestication of home ubiquitous computing and is currently working on the Interactive Newsprint project.

Philip is a highly-regarded academic in the creative arts Higher Education sector, with over 14 years’ of experience as a creative leader and digital media practitioner and over 9 years in University teaching, research and leadership in creative arts and innovation. His academic expertise is built on a theoretical and practical foundation – having been at the forefront of interactive/new media design in the music, design, digital media and television industries – becoming a leading figure in the creation of new products and services between the mid-1990’s and early 2000’s.

Since moving into Higher Education in 2003, he has led the development of creative industries curriculum, research and knowledge transfer including areas such as graphic design, design management, arts management, fashion management and marketing, crafts, fine art and digital media.

In 2011, he conceived of, secured and delivered a £874,000 creative industries business stimulation programme, part-funded by HEFCE’s Economic Challenge Investment Fund. He has demonstrated academic and research leadership in design, creativity and business start-up in a number of roles and in 2011 was shortlisted as International Enterprise Educator of the Year for his work in supporting the professional development of student and post-education creative enterprises.

Dr Ely's research interests span two distinct areas of interest: the relational nature of use and design in home entertainment technology; and the design of professional and HE pedagogy for creative entrepreneurship. He is currently working on his first monograph for the publisher, Springer, to be published in 2013. |LinkedIn


Ely, P., Frohlich, D., & Green, N. (forthcoming 2011) Uncertainty, Upheavals and Upgrades: Digital-DIY During Life-Change in New Media Technologies and User Empowerment (Eds. Jo Pierson, Enid Mante-Meijer and Eugène Loos) Peter Lang Publishing, Berlin.

Ely, P & White, H (2010) Collaborative Weaving: Knowledge transfer and textile innovation in Wales in Clews, D & Mallinder, S, Looking Out: Effective engagements with creative & cultural enterprise, Dept. for Culture, Media & Sport/ADM-HEA, Brighton.

Ely, P., Frohlich, D., & Green, N. (2009), Uncertainty, Upheavals & Upgrades: Home Entertainment, Information and Communication Technologies During Life-Change, Published Proceedings of the COST 298 Conference The Good, The Bad & The Challenging, European Union (COST298), Stockholm, May 2009.

Conference Presentations

Ely, P., & Mackenzie, C (2010) Faking the Evidence: Raising Our Game in the Creative Industries at International Enterprise Educators Conference 2010, NCGE/Enterprise Educators UK, Cardiff.

Ely, P., Frohlich, D., & Green, N. (2008) Digital Upheavals: Ethnographic studies on digital-DIY activity in Proceedings of the International Workshop on Social Interaction and Mundane Technologies, Microsoft Research: Cambridge, November 2008.
Ely, P., & Shed, R. (2007), Single Lives, Personal Spaces: Autoethnography and design for solo living at Not In The Manual Symposium, UCA Farnham, November 2007.

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