Postgraduate research

Research activity here in the institute takes place largely through our PhD courses. We have over 90 doctoral candidates at a time, including some on a part time course, which supports stronger links with the industry.

PhD opportunities

We are always looking for good PhD students. Applications are always welcome from self-funded or locally supported prospective students.

Another possibility is to apply for a Research Fellowship in case of vacancies in our research projects and pursue a part-time PhD; this requires a suitable background and research experience (and implies a longer path towards a PhD).

Each year we have a limited amount of EPSRC funding available. UK students may be eligible for tuition fees and living allowance in the form of an EPSRC grant, and EU students may obtain tuition fees from the EPSRC.

Scholarship funding

If you are seeking a scholarship or have self-funding, in the first instance you may wish to send your CV to an academic member of staff in ICS, to see what suitability you have for a scholarship and discuss research topics as appropriate.

A more plausible path to obtain a scholarship for a PhD is by doing a masters degree at Surrey and getting a distinction; this increases significantly the chances of a scholarship.


Industrial CASE

Funding information:
The award will be for a period of three years and includes home tuition fees, plus a stipend (approx £14,296 p.a).

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