Dr Dawn Morley



Following a professional background in nursing Dawn moved into health and social care education in 1990. As the result of studying for her professional doctorate (2009- 2015) she became interested in the broader field of pedagogy in higher education. Whilst working at Bournemouth University (2008- 2015) Dawn was appointed framework lead for the post graduate certificate in education practice and the theme leader for “assessment and innovative pedagogy” for the Centre of Excellence in Learning.

Dawn is the academic lead for the MA in Higher Education and current facilitator for the MA modules in Assessment and Feedback and Applied Learning in a Professional Setting. She teaches on the Graduate Certificate in Teaching and learning and the CPD programme for new members of academic staff.


Dawn qualified with a PGCEA from the University of Surrey in 1992 and since then has enjoyed teaching in clinical staff development and at A level, foundation degree, undergraduate and masters levels. She has a particular interest in distance and blended learning following her work for Open University (2004-2010).

Dawn is an external examiner for clinical education courses at the University of Essex and an occasional external marker for masters dissertations at Griffith University, Australia..

Research interests

Innovative pedagogy including blended learning, curriculum development and assessment in higher education.

Dawn is currently the lead investigator for Collaborative evaluation of the first cohort of Physician Associate (PA) course at the University of Surrey (2016- 2018) that uses an innovative qualitative method for evaluating courses with students though the use of the Delphi technique. This is due to be presented at the HEA conference in July 2017.

Work based learning for students in higher education.

Dawn is editing a book Enhancing employability in higher education through work based learning drawing on the expertise of colleagues at the Universities of Chester, Middlesex, Chichester, Surrey, Portsmouth and Bournemouth due to be published by Palgrave Macmillan in Autumn 2017.

Dawn is an external consultant on a two-year STEP project (Strengthening Team-based Education in Practice - A STEP approach to enhancing the student experience) funded for £400,000 by Health Education England.



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Open University Social networking in Practice Learning Project, online discussion and evaluation of social networking tools

Conference presentations

April 2016 NETNEP conference 2016, Brisbane, 30 minute theme presentation: The ebb and flow model of mentoring students in practice

April 2016 Griffith University, The Gold Coast, Australia at invitation of Professor Laurie Grealish, 30 minute presentations to academic and clinical staff: Learning to learn in practice and The ebb and flow model of mentoring students in practiceApril 2016 Consortium of London universities to fund a new approach to clinical mentorship (STEP): The ebb and flow model of mentoring students in practice

February 2016 HEA HSC conference, Glasgow, 30 minute theme presentation: Assessment and feedback for students in clinical practice

June/Nov 2014 Key note presentations at the Practice Mentor Conferences at Bournemouth University: Learning to learn in practice

March 2014 Co creation through TEL and internationalisation CPD workshop

Jan 2014 Co facilitation of HEA sponsored workshop Students as partners in co creating STEM outputs at Bournemouth University

Sept 2013 Networking in Health Education (NET) conference, Cambridge. 30 minute theme presentation: Supporting student nurses in practice with online communication tools

July 2013 Curriculum development CPD workshop for BSc physiotherapy on co creation and assessment

Sept 2012 Using social media to support learning at a distance CPD workshops

May 2011 “Excellent education: the heart of the student experience”, Educational Enhancement Conference, Bournemouth University. 30 minute joint presentation: Promoting simplicity and flexibility in students' elearning

March 2011 “Revisiting Learning Design”, SIG for elearning, HEA, Milton Keynes. 30 minute presentation: Promoting simplicity and flexibility in students' elearning

March 2011 HEA Festival of Learning, Edinburgh. 30 minute workshop: Wikis; a brave new world for the 21st century learner and their teachers

March 2010 SIG for ELFYSE (Elearning in first year student experience) 20 minute presentation: Wikis; a brave new world for the 21st century learner and their teachers