Dr Graham Robinson

Visiting Senior Fellow



Graham Robinson's career has been as a researcher and lecturer in the UK and the Netherlands (at the Royal Institute of Public Administration, Ashridge Business School and the Institute of Social Studies); as a senior manager and director in two multinational IT companies and as Director of a professional organisation and management development practice.He gained his PhD at Surrey in 2004 from research concerned with the learning and sense-making experiences of company directors and chief executives having accountability for major organisational change programmes in their companies. In 2010, as a Fellow of the University's Centre for Excellence in Professional Training & Education (SCEPTrE), he and colleagues explored the possible application of the Finnish Team Academy model of entrepreneurial education within undergraduate programmes within UK universities.

He is currently a Director of Akatemia, a CIC - community interest company - working with a consortium of UK universities to introduce and deliver fully accredited undergraduate Team Academy programmes that are team-based, and involve real world business learning where participants develop and run their own businesses at the core of their learning. The first of these programmes was launched in October 2013.

He is also a Director of the Society for Organisational Learning (SOL-UK) and a founder member of the Daedalus Trust, an interdisciplinary, educational research charity fostering research into issues of organisational well-being and, in particular, the nature and origins of 'hubris syndrome' on the part of some organisations and/or their leaders

Research interests


A life-long interest in interdisciplinary research into issues of organisation, management and leadership has, following the research for his PhD, expanded to include phenomenological inquiry within these areas.


His research interests at the Surrey Business School focusses on organisational/leadership hubris and related issues


Books & Reports

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Journals & Conference papers

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