Rachel Duthie

Research Officer



I am a Researcher and Associate Tutor at the University. I am a Researcher in Developmental Psychology but also have a background in Organisational Psychology and worked in industry for a number of years. As an Associate Tutor I support undergraduates within the Faculty of Business, Economics & Law. Having previously taught an Employability module to 2nd Years in the Business School, I am currently a visiting Placement Tutor for Economics undergraduates during their Professional Training Year (PTY).

Research interests

My research interests lie in the development and expression of children's cognitive and emotional abilities and understanding as an effect of the interactions they have with parents and peers. I am currently looking at children's understanding of rejection based on status. For more details of this project funded by the Leverhulme Foundation, please visit Children's Reasoning about Peer Rejection based on Status.

Research collaborations

Dr Harriet Tenenbaum, (University of Surrey),

Dr Ana Aznar (University of Surrey) &

Professor Patrick Leman (Royal Holloway)


Macrae, C. N., Bodenhausen, G. V., Milne, A. B., & Ford, R. L. (1997). On the regulation of recollection: The intentional forgetting of stereotypical memories. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 72, 709-719.