Dr Tushna Vandrevala

Research Design Advisor for Surrey Research Design Service



Tushna has worked for the Research Design Service South East since June 2010, where she provides advice to people applying to NIHR research funding programmes, with a particular focus on health studies and complex interventions. http://www.rds-se.nihr.ac.uk/

Tushna is a Health Psychologist and her own research focuses on developing and evaluating interventions on end of life decision-making and palliative care. Her doctoral thesis focused on older people's perspective on advance care planning. She is currently looking at innovative interventions to promote advance care planning in patients with dementia and patients from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

Having completed her Master's degree and PhD at the University of Surrey, she has held various research and teaching positions. Her role as Research Tutor in Clinical Psychologist led to her supervising numerous research projects within mental health and the impact of caregiving on carers of service users with severe mental health illness.

More recently, Tushna has been working in the area of Anesthetists, Critical care and Pain Management, particularly in the area of preparation and recovery from fast track surgery. Recent projects include: Randomized Control Trial on Enhanced Recovery Programmes (ERPs) and 24 hour discharge.

Tushna is a mixed methodologist and provided advice on research methods and study design. She is well versed with questionnaire development and multivariate data analysis. Qualitative research methods, including designing interviews and focus groups and methods of analysis, including Content Analysis, Thematic Analysis, Grounded Theory & Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.

Research interests

I am a member of the Faculty's Nursing & Healthcare Research Group. Details of which can be found at: http://www.surrey.ac.uk/fhms/research/healthcarepractice/


  • Quantitative Research Methods, including RCTs and Systematic Reviews
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Evidence Based Practice and Critical Appraisal
  • Conducting Health Psychology Research
  • Health Psychology, including Chronic Conditions, Psychological Aspects of Healthcare and Maintaining Health Throughout the Life-Span

Research Grants

Towards identifying perceived risks and benefits of swimming pool use (2013). MILES (£2500) with Katherine Pond (Robens Centre for Public and Environmental Health), Neil Ward (Chemistry), Dan Driscoll (Chemistry), Iain Woodley (Surrey Sports Park)

The Impact of Living in a Positive-Aging Retirement Community on Health and Well-being in Older People (2012). (£2,500) coapplicant with Dr. Nimmi Hutnik (PI, Health & Social Care), Heather Gage (Health Economics), University of Surrey and Rusi Jaspal, University of Nottingham.

Bench study comparing three different emergency tracheal access devices in a porcine model (2012). National Institute of Academic Anesthesia, Difficult Airway Society (NIAA:DAS). (£3,855.40) coapplicant with PI Dr Wendy King (RSCH). http://www.niaa.org.uk/article.php?newsid=651&textSize=0

Feasibility of introducing independent driving into the Great Britain driving test: Phase 2. (2008) Driving Standards Agency (£131,574) co-applicant.

Medication and driving impairment: A scoping review. (2008) Department for Transport (£40,500) co-applicant

Evaluation of educational interventions to improve knowledge and understanding of safe driving. (2008) Driving Standards Agency (£1,21,914) co-applicant

Review of Pedestrian fatal road traffic accidents. (2008) Department for Transport (£92,000) co-applicant

Feasibility of introducing independent driving and situational judgment into the Great Britain driver training and assessment protocol. (2008) Driving Standards Agency. (£51,321) co-applicant

Older people and their families: Autonomy and decision-making in the later stages of life. (2002). Nuffield Foundation (£70,000) co-applicant

Conference Presentations

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