Wendy Parker

Research Fellow
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Since 2012, Wendy has been a Research Design Adviser with the NIHR Research Design Service (South East) at the University of Surrey (Surrey RDS) and University of Brighton (Sussex RDS).

Currently, Wendy is a Research Fellow on the EU Joint Programme Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) Rhapsody Project with Professor Heather Gage (Economics). Rhapsody aims to evaluate the policy and information environment that provides the framework for the treatment and care of people with YOD and their carers in six European countries, and to assess the specific and individual needs of this particular group. This information will be used for designing an internet-based, multimedia, interactive learning course for carers of people with YOD. And the course will be tested in a pilot study at three sites in France, Germany and England.

Previously, Wendy investigated services for families with disabled children (Short Breaks), with Professor Heather Gage (Economics) and Professor Annette Sterr (Psychology).

Prior to joining the University of Surrey, Wendy worked for the Adult Social Care Directorate at Surrey County Council, managing the data quality on the Adult Social Care database. During a career break, she was awarded a First Class degree in Psychology, from the Open University and subsequently, carried out research on Work Pressure and Stress at Surrey University with Professor Fred Zijlstra (Maastricht University).After gaining a BSc in Computer Science from Queen's University, Belfast, Wendy worked for many years in the Information Technology (IT) Sector, designing and building computer systems for the Royal Navy. In her final post, she was a consultant for the Ministry of Defence over-seeing the procurement of a major upgrade to the UK naval communications systems.

Research interests

Research Fellow on the EU Joint Programme Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) Rhapsody ProjectPrincipal Investigator: Professor Heather Gage (Economics). The research is investigating the policy and information environment around services for people living with young onset dementia and their carers across six European Countries.

Research Fellow for the project Services for Families with Disabled childrenPrincipal Investigator: Professor Heather Gage (Economics). Co-Investigator: Professor Annette Sterr (Psychology)The research covers national and local policy governing Short Breaks (respite) services; inclusion of disabled children in mainstream services and families access to out-of-school play and leisure activities. (This project was funded by an anonymous donor through Disability Challengers, Guildford, a major voluntary sector provider of playschemes for disabled children in Surrey )


MBPsS - British Psychological SocietyCEng MBCS CITP - British Computer Society


(1) Parker, W, Gage, H, Sterr, A. (2011) Services for Children with Disabilities: A Scoping Study: Final Report (Revision 1)

(2) Gage, H, Parker, W, Sterr, A. (2012) Parents and staff views about specialist and integrated provision of holiday play schemes for disabled children: an exploratory study in Surrey.

(3) Gage, H, Parker, W, Sterr, A. (2013) Parents views about provision of out-of-school activities (including short breaks) for disabled children: an exploratory study in Surrey.