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Our research provides novel insights into the molecular mechanisms upon which food and nutrition affect the ageing process, including DNA damage and repair, cognitive decline, dementia and osteoporosis.

Current research

The Section researches the effect of micronutrients on health outcomes and disease prevention, with a particular focus on vitamin D, vitamin B complex, trace elements and acid-base nutrients.

Professor Susan Lanham-New researches the impact of diet and lifestyle factors on osteoporosis risk across the lifecycle, with a particular focus on vitamin D and acid-base nutrients. Her interest is in understanding the nutritional mechanisms that underlie why human are susceptible to bone fractures, and specifically, the role that vitamin D can play in stress-fracture prevention, osteoporotic fracture reduction and optimisation of musculo-skeletal health outcomes.

Dr Kourosh Ahmadi researches the molecular characterization of the causes, characteristics and consequences of variable disposition and response to B-vitamins and 1-Carbon Metabolism with the over-arching goal of improving primary and secondary prevention and risk-management strategies for common ageing diseases, most notably age-associated cognitive decline and dementia.

Dr Ruan Elliott researches the molecular characterization of the causes, characteristics and consequences of nutritional modulation of DNA damage: repair and the application of functional genomic techniques in nutrition. His interest is also in defining optimal micronutrient intakes and modelling homeostatic mechanisms (with in particular interest in iron, copper, selenium and zinc).

Dr Kathryn Hart researches how pre-conception health and pregnancy outcomes of women in the UK can be improved and the importance of micronutrients, particularly vitamin D, affects pregnancy outcomes. Her interest is also in the role of diet and micronutrient status on the aetiology and pathophysiology of Paediatric Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD).

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