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Section of Public Health and Food Security

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Public Health

The Public Health arm of the Section includes work on:

  • Analysis of nutrition survey data in relation to outcomes
  • Iodine deficiency in pregnant women in the UK and the effect on cognitive development in their children
  • Effects of selenium status on human health

Food Security

This arm includes research on:

  • The effect of cell wall polysaccharides on nutrient digestibility; this is relevant to the impact of consumption of plant foods on the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease
  • Antimicrobial resistance and the antimicrobial efficacy of lactic acid bacteria against Campylobacter
  • The feasibility of using lactic acid bacteria as a treatment/vaccine in wildlife against bovine TB

Sport and Exercise Science

Research interests:

  • Exercise interventions for type-2 diabetes, ageing and prostate cancer
  • Exercise, vascular function and chemodynamics
  • Effects of exercise and ageing on musculoskeletal health

People in the Section of Public Health and Food Security

Section lead

Name Role
Professor Margaret Rayman Professor of Nutritional Medicine

Section members

Name Role
Dr Kourosh Ahmadi Reader in Nutritional Sciences
Dr Sarah Bath Lecturer in Public Health Nutrition
Dr Ruan Elliott Senior Lecturer in Nutrition
Dr Jorge Gutierrez Lecturer in Food Security
Dr Julie Hunt Lecturer in Sport and Excercise Sciences