Exercise physiology

These assessments measure your physiological response to exercise and therefore can be used to improve training or performance. The tests can be performed on either cycling or rowing ergometers or on a treadmill to ensure the results provide you with specific and valid results.

Lactate threshold test - £99 (45 minutes)

Measures: submaximal heart rate response, lactate threshold, rating of percevied exhaustion and training zones.

This is a submaximal test in which heart rate, blood lactate and rating of perceived exhaustion are recorded in order to create a physiological report. The test consists of 4 minute stages following an initial 5 minute warm up period, with measurements recorded at the end of each stage. The heart rate and lactate values are used in the creation of individualized training zones.

VO2MAX test - £79 (30 minutes)

Measures: maximal heart rate, substrate utilisation, maximal exercise intensity and VO2MAX.

This is a maximal test to exhaustion in which you will be fitted with a facemask in order to collect breath-by-breath oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production. The test consists of short duration stages, where the exercise intensity gradually increases until a maximum is reached. From the gas analysis data, your VO2MAX will be calculated, as well as susbtrate utilisation data explained.

Testing packages

These are more in depth physiological assessments of endurance capacity, taking into account both the tests above as well as analysis of body composition and nutrition advice.

Combined lactate threshold + VO2MAX - £149 (1 hour 30 minutes)

This asssessment consists of both the tests described above, with it split into the two sections. This is considered a more comprehensive analysis of endurance performance with there sufficient time between the two tests for you to recover.

Standard performance package - £169 (2 hours)

We recommend this package as baseline testing prior to starting a training period in order to gain a detailed insight into your fitness. The package includes the following asessments:

  • Lactate threshold test
  • VO2MAX test
  • Standard body composition (4-site skinfolds, BMI, circumferences, body fat %) 

Premium performance package - £199 (3 hours)

This is our most detailed exercise physiology testing package, with it a step up from the standard assessment described above. We recommend this package if you are interested in gaining an insight into the influence of sport nutrition on training, as well the extensive physiological profile. The package includes the following assessments:

  • Lactate threshold test
  • VO2MAX test
  • Premium body composition (8-site skinfolds, BMI, circumferences, body fat %, somatotype) 
  • Nutrition consultation

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