Body composition

These assessments reveal the amount of fat mass in the body and therefore can be used to assess training or effectiveness of nutritional intervention. The assessments take into account the relative proportion between fat and lean mass and therefore provide a more accurate measurement of total body weight. 

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis - £15 (15 minutes)

Measures: BMI, body fat % and lean mass %

Standard body composition - £40 (30 minutes)

Measures: four site skinfolds, BMI, girths, body fat % and lean mass %.

Premium body composition - £55 (45 minutes)

Measures: eight site skinfolds, BMI, girths, bone breadths, somatotype, body fat % and lean mass %.

During the skinfold tests, calipers are applied to the skin at eight specific locations on the body. They are used to estimate the thickness of the adipose tissue (fat just below the skin), with an equation used to calculate body fat %. 

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