We have identified a set of ‘foundations’, or areas of focus, that encapsulate the urban living research and activity at the University. 

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These reflect key outcomes or objectives for urban areas towards which much of the current research is directed and which are shaping future plans.

1. Living well

Exploring quality of life for a city’s population. Including residents’ wellbeing, lifestyles and communities and the functioning of the city’s support services. Research focuses on: indoor and outdoor air quality; mental and physical wellbeing; lifestyles and communities; urban sustainability. 

2. Access and mobility

Understanding the transport services needed (and the technologies involved in their delivery), opportunities for innovation and the analysis/planning of transport systems. Research focuses on transport system planning; smart mobility services; electric vehicle technologies, connected and autonomous vehicles.

3. Safe and secure

Exploring the varied types of threats to the safety and security of a city’s residents, assets and resources (including data) and opportunities for increasing city resilience. Research focuses on city policing practices; cybercrime; city regulation and governance.

4. High performance city

Examining the influences on city performance of resource and infrastructure efficiency, economic and population growth and developments in the built environment. Research focuses on resources use and supply (energy, water, wastes); the circular economy; monitoring and remote sensing; decision support and policy; innovation and smart cities. 

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