Inequalities and diversities

We investigate the role of structural inequalities, discrimination and exclusion in contemporary societies. Work covers a range of aspects of division and diversity, including communities and exclusion, gender, sex and sexualities and race and migration.

Several members of the group are involved in the interdisciplinary Sex, Gender and Sexualities research centre

Research areas

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Dimitris Akrivos profile image

Dr Dimitris Akrivos

Lecturer in Criminology and Programme Director for BSc in Criminology & Sociology

Dr Venetia Evergeti

Principal Teaching Fellow and Director of Learning and Teaching

David Andrew Griffiths profile image

Dr David Griffiths

Wellcome Trust University Award Research Fellow

Dr Katherine Hubbard

Senior Lecturer; Programme Director of Sex, Gender and Sexualities MSc; Past University LGBTQI+ Equality Group Chair

Andrew King profile image

Professor Andrew King

Head of Department of Sociology, Professor of Sociology

Anastasia Loukianov

Postgraduate Research Student

Robyn Muir profile image

Dr Robyn Muir

Lecturer in Media and Communications

Dr Nathalie Weidhase

Lecturer in Media and Communication