International Engagement Committee

The Committee is led by Professor Prashant Kumar, Associate Dean (International).

Each department or research centre is represented by a faculty international officer. Relevant university central services are also represented at this committee, including the International Engagement Office, International Student Recruitment, Marketing, Advancement and Alumni.

Committee members

Tao Chen profile image

Professor Tao Chen

Committee Lead


Suby Bhattacharya profile image

Professor Suby Bhattacharya

Civil and environmental engineering

Chris Bridges profile image

Dr Christopher Bridges

Surrey Space Centre

Barry Evans profile image

Professor Barry Evans

Institute for Communication Systems

Jhuma Sadhukhan profile image

Professor Jhuma Sadhukhan

Centre for Environment and Sustainability

Guohong Tian profile image

Dr Guohong Tian

Mechanical engineering sciences

Cesare Tronci profile image

Dr Cesare Tronci

Mathematics and physics

Wenwu Wang profile image

Professor Wenwu Wang

Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing

Lei Xing profile image

Dr Lei Xing

Chemical and process engineering

Yunlong Zhao profile image

Dr Yunlong Zhao

Advanced Technology Institute