Published: 07 June 2022

Three Surrey early career researchers pursue innovation and impact in 2022-23

We are very pleased to announce the first of our new cohort of Commercialisation Fellows for 2022-23! The cohort have just commenced their EPSRC IAA and AI Institute funded fellowships.

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We are permanently OPEN to receive expressions of interest and applications from early career academics from all faculties to start anytime! Please email your questions, interest, and applications to (you can find more information and how to apply here).

Let’s learn about what motivated them to pursue innovation and impact:

Firstly, a word from our Associate Dean of Research & Innovation for the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences...

Tell us about yourself, and why you applied for this fellowship

What experience have you had of research commercialisation and innovation?

[Muhammad] We have a patent [Sembukuttiarachilage Ravi SILVA, Muhammad AHMAD; A method for graphene and carbon nanotube growth. WO2015189575A1], which in my view has potential for further exploitation. Similarly, we have recently accomplished a research project to electrochemically detect Covid-19, and now we are seeking suitable industrial partners for its commercial utilisation

[Tibor] I am the associate champion of the Digital Health and Data Science research theme, and we organise regular seminars where scientist can present their projects and form collaborations. Two such projects particularly interested me due to the topic (healthcare) and the applied methodology (biosensing and AI)

[Johanna] I studied at a University of Applied Sciences in Germany, where the ‘Applied’ means very close and successful work with industry partners

What do you think Surrey does well?

[Muhammad] Helping and guiding researchers in filing patents and related commercialisation opportunities

[Tibor] The University of Surrey has an explicit focus on academic-industrial partnerships and harbours several programs to facilitate these:

[Johanna] I think the UoS correctly identified the need for more innovation education for researchers and is on a very good path of communication and development on the topic

What could Surrey do better?

[Muhammad] Outreach has room for the further improvements

[Tibor] Advertise and describe/demonstrate these opportunities in less ‘industrial’ schools (e.g. School of Psychology)

[Johanna] Innovation needs research, and most academics lack the time to do research to an extent necessary for innovative projects as well as the fact that there is a lack of support for ‘non-academic’ researchers at UoS such as PostDoc’s

What are your research and innovation interests?

[Muhammad] Recently, we conducted a project in collaboration with school of bioscience and veterinary science, which involves electrochemically sensing various microorganisms including covid-19, using functionalised carbon nanotube-based electrodes. At present, we are seeking suitable industrial partners to commercialise this research. I hope that knowledge and skills through this fellowship to accelerate the impact of our research outcomes and its commercial applications

[Tibor] I am especially interested in health and biomedical data analytics. I want to design and build an integrated biomedical platform to support life-long cognitive potential. I want to learn more about AI and Explainable AI, to improve understanding and develop transparent and reliable links between knowledge, data, and intervention. I want to learn how to build trust in highly advanced and innovative solutions to improve impact

[Johanna] The plan is to get my own research funding or a Research Fellowship. I have started promising Breath Test Research and would like to further investigate the commercialisation of it

Next steps

The cohort will spend the next 6 months working on real projects across Innovation Strategy and the AI Institute. We will continue sharing these types of articles on their experiences to foster a culture of innovation within academia.

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