Visiting and emeritus staff

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Visiting and emeritus staff

Computer science staff

Malcolm Beattie

Senior Visiting Fellow

Chris Culnane

Visiting Research Fellow

George M Saleh

Visiting Professor

Chris Mitchell

Visiting Professor

Tunde Peto

Visiting Reader

Adrian Waller

Visiting Professor

Peter Y Ryan

Visiting Professor

Electronic engineering staff

Hui-Ming Cheng profile image

Professor Huiming Cheng

Vice Chancellor's Fellow

Richard G. Forbes profile image

Dr Richard Forbes

Visiting Associate Professor (formerly Reader in High Electric Field Nanoscience)

Professor David Hendon

Visiting Professor and Chairman, 5GIC Strategy Advisory Board

Carol Lane profile image

Professor Carol Lane

Visiting Professor of Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences and Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Dr Krystian Mikolajczyk

Visiting Lecturer

Dr George Szajnowski

Visiting Professor

Professor Stephen Temple

Visiting Professor and Technical Secretary, 5GIC Strategy Advisory Board