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Academic staff

Helen Treharne profile image

Professor Helen Treharne

Head of School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering; Professor in Computer Science SFHEA, FBCS

Computer science staff

Joe Appleton profile image

Dr Joseph Appleton

Lecturer in Computer Science

Martin Barrere Cambrun profile image

Dr Martin Barrere Cambrun

Lecturer in Digital Resilience

Roman Bauer profile image

Dr Roman Bauer

Senior Lecturer

Ioana Boureanu (Carlson) profile image

Professor Ioana Boureanu

Professor in Secure Systems & Head of Surrey Centre for Cyber Security (SCCS)

Liqun Chen profile image

Professor Liqun Chen

Professor in Secure Systems

Gregory Chockler profile image

Professor Gregory Chockler

Professor in Computer Science

Mariam Cirovic profile image

Dr Mariam Cirovic

Lecturer, Programme Leader Computing and Information Technology

Suparna De profile image

Dr Suparna De

Lecturer in Computer Science

Brijesh Dongol profile image

Professor Brijesh Dongol

Director of the UK Research Institute on Verified Trustworthy Software Systems (VeTSS)

Constantin Catalin Dragan profile image

Dr Catalin Dragan

Lecturer in Secure Systems

Amir Ghalamzan profile image

Dr Amir Esfahani

Associate Professor in Robotics

Zhenhua Feng profile image

Dr Zhenhua Feng

Senior Lecturer in Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Paul Fortescue profile image

Paul Fortescue

Teaching Fellow and Postgraduate Research Student

Nick Frymann profile image

Nick Frymann

Lecturer in Computer Science

Daniel Gardham profile image

Dr Daniel Gardham

Lecturer (Early Career Fellow)

Robert Granger profile image

Dr Robert Granger

Reader (Associate Professor) in Secure Systems

Xiaowei Gu profile image

Dr Xiaowei Gu

Senior Lecturer

Frank Guerin profile image

Dr Frank Guerin

Senior Lecturer

Yaochu Jin profile image

Professor Yaochu Jin

Distinguished Chair, Professor in Computational Intelligence

Diptesh Kanojia profile image

Dr Diptesh Kanojia

Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence for Natural Language Processing

Stella Kazamia profile image

Stella Kazamia

Senior Lecturer | Director of Employability

Yunpeng Li profile image

Dr Yunpeng Li

Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence

Chaoyun Li profile image

Dr Chaoyun Li

Lecturer in Software Security

Dr Mark Manulis

Associate Professor

Alaa Marshan profile image

Dr Alaa Marshan

Senior Lecturer in Intelligent Data Analysis

Sotiris Moschoyiannis profile image

Dr Sotiris Moschoyiannis

Reader in Complex Systems

Ferrante Neri profile image

Professor Ferrante Neri

Professor of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Head of the Nature Inspired Computing and Engineering (NICE) Research Group)

Pedro Porto Buarque de Gusmão profile image

Dr Pedro Porto Buarque De Gusmao

Lecturer in Computer Science

Sasa Radomirovic profile image

Dr Sasa Radomirovic

Senior Lecturer in Secure Systems; Programme Lead of MSc Information Security

Nishanth Sastry profile image

Professor Nishanth Sastry

Professor, Director of Research

Steve Schneider profile image

Professor Steve Schneider

Director of Computer Science Research Centre

Alireza Tamaddoni-Nezhad profile image

Dr Alireza Tamaddoni Nezhad

Reader (Associate Professor) in Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence

Professor H Lilian Tang

Professor in Artificial Intelligence

Tom Thorne profile image

Dr Tom Thorne

Senior Lecturer; Programme Lead of MSc Data Science

Yangguang Tian profile image

Dr Jack Tian

Lecturer in Cyber Security

Ehsan Toreini profile image

Dr Ehsan Toreini

Lecturer in Software Security

Electronic engineering staff

Miroslaw Bober profile image

Professor Miroslaw Bober

Professor of Video Processing

Mahdi Boloursaz Mashhadi profile image

Dr Mahdi Boloursaz Mashhadi

Lecturer in Communication Systems

Richard Bowden profile image

Professor Richard Bowden

Professor of Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Chris Bridges profile image

Dr Christopher Bridges

Reader in On-Board Data Handling (OBDH)

Tim Brown profile image

Dr Tim Brown

Senior Lecturer in RF Antennas and Propagation

Koen Buisman profile image

Dr Koen Buisman

Reader in microwave and mm-wave electronics

David Carey profile image

Professor David Carey

Professor, Director of Learning and Teaching, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

Gustavo Carneiro profile image

Professor Gustavo Carneiro

Professor of AI and Machine Learning

John Collomosse profile image

Professor John Collomosse

Professor of Computer Vision | Director DECaDE: EPSRC Centre for the Decentralised Digital Economy

Ahmed Elzanaty profile image

Dr Ahmed Elzanaty

Lecturer in Communication systems

Jonathan England profile image

Professor Jonathan England

Professor of Ion Implantation Technology

Barry Evans profile image

Professor Barry Evans

Professor-Information Systems Engineering

Lucia Florescu profile image

Dr Lucia Florescu

Lecturer in Medical Imaging

Chuan Foh profile image

Dr Chuan Foh

Senior Lecturer

Professor Yue Gao

Visting Professor of Wireless Communications

Raffaella Guida profile image

Dr Raffaella Guida

Reader in Satellite Remote Sensing

Jean-Yves Guillemaut profile image

Dr Jean-Yves Guillemaut

Senior Lecturer in 3D Computer Vision

Simon Hadfield profile image

Dr Simon Hadfield

Associate Professor (Reader) in Robot Vision and Autonomous Systems

Fabien Heliot profile image

Dr Fabien Heliot

Lecturer in Wireless Communications

Adrian Hilton profile image

Professor Adrian Hilton

Director Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI | Director of Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing

Philip Jackson profile image

Professor Philip Jackson

Professor in Machine Audition

Mohsen Khalily profile image

Dr Mohsen Khalily

Senior Lecturer in Antenna and Propagation

Josef Kittler profile image

Professor Josef Kittler

Distinguished Professor

Samaneh Kouchaki profile image

Dr Samaneh Kouchaki

Senior Lecturer in Machine Learning for Healthcare

Dr Andrea Lucca Fabris

Senior Lecturer in Electric Propulsion

Yi Ma profile image

Professor Yi Ma

Professor of Cognitive Communications

Professor Jiri Matas

Vice Chancellor Fellow

Oscar Mendez Maldonado profile image

Dr Oscar Mendez Maldonado

Lecturer in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Dr Mahtab Mirmohseni

Senior Lecturer

Klaus Moessner profile image

Professor Klaus Moessner

Professor in Cognitive Networks

Konstantinos Nikitopoulos profile image

Dr Konstantinos Nikitopoulos

Associate Professor (Reader) in Signal Processing for Wireless Communications

Mark Plumbley profile image

Professor Mark Plumbley

Professor of Signal Processing, EPSRC Fellow in "AI for Sound"

Markus Pollnau profile image

Professor Markus Pollnau

Professor in Photonics

Atta ul Quddus profile image

Dr Atta Quddus

Lecturer in Wireless Communications

Keith Ryden profile image

Professor Keith Ryden

Head of Surrey Space Centre, Professor in Space Engineering

Maxim Shkunov profile image

Dr Maxim Shkunov

Senior Lecturer

S. Ravi P. Silva profile image

Professor Ravi Silva

Director, Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) and Head of NanoElectronics Centre

Yi-Zhe Song profile image

Professor Yi-Zhe Song

Co-Director Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI; Programme Lead of MSc in Artificial Intelligence

Radu Sporea profile image

Dr Radu Sporea

Associate Professor in Semiconductor Devices

Vlad Stolojan profile image

Dr Vlad Stolojan

Associate Professor (Reader)

Zhili Sun profile image

Professor Zhili Sun

Professor of Communication Networking

Martin Sweeting profile image

Martin Sweeting

Distinguished Professor of Space Engineering

Rahim Tafazolli profile image

Professor Rahim Tafazolli

Head of the Institute for Communication Systems (ICS)

Craig Underwood profile image

Professor Craig Underwood

Emeritus Professor of Spacecraft Engineering

Marco Volino profile image

Dr Marco Volino

Lecturer in Computer Vision and Graphics

Ning Wang profile image

Professor Ning Wang

Professor in Networks

Wenwu Wang profile image

Professor Wenwu Wang

Professor in Signal Processing and Machine Learning

Roger Webb profile image

Professor Roger Webb

Director of Ion Beam Centre, Professor of Ion Beam Physics

Kevin Wells profile image

Professor Kevin Wells

Reader in Medical Imaging

Pei Xiao profile image

Professor Pei Xiao

Professor of Wireless Communications

Jae Sung Yun profile image

Dr Jae Yun

Lecturer in Energy Technology

Wei Zhang profile image

Dr Wei Zhang

Associate Professor in Energy Technology

Yunlong Zhao profile image

Dr Yunlong Zhao

Visiting Academic