Research staff

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Research staff

Computer science staff

Dr Sharar Ahmadi

Research Fellow

Xiongjie Chen profile image

Xiongjie Chen

Postdoctoral Researcher

Nada El Kassem profile image

Dr Nada El Kassem

Research Fellow in Trusted Computing and Applied Cryptography

Ashley Fraser profile image

Dr Ashley Fraser

Research Fellow in the DECaDE centre for the Decentralised Digital Economy

Mohamed Kassem

Research Fellow

Vinod Sarjerao Khandkar profile image

Dr Vinod Khandkar

Research Fellow in Adaptive Online Safety and Privacy

Solofomampionona Fortunat Rajaona profile image

Dr Solofomampionona Fortunat Rajaona

Research Fellow in Formal Verification of Privacy

Karla Vargas profile image

Dr Karla Vargas

Research Fellow in Distributed Computing

Xilu Wang profile image

Dr Xilu Wang

Surrey Future Fellow

Dr Rafik Zitouni

Research Fellow B | Lead Software Engineer

Electronic engineering staff

Sara Ahmed profile image

Dr Sara Ahmed

Lecturer/assistant professor in Organizational Behaviors & HRM, Programme Director of BSc Business Management (HRM Pathway); Communications Manager of Future of Work Research Centre

Dr Alireza Ahrabian

Research Fellow

Ahmed Almradi profile image

Dr Ahmed Almradi

Research Fellow

Dr Majdi Alnowami

Research Fellow

Matthew Barker

Researcher in Space Radiation Environment and Effects

Gabriel Bibbo profile image

Gabriel Bibbo

Research Fellow in Sound Sensing

Dr Francois Carrez

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Chi Ho Chan

Research Fellow

Emily Corrigan-Kavanagh (formerly Corrigan-Doyle) profile image

Dr Emily Corrigan-Kavanagh

Surrey Future Fellow in Designing AI for Home Wellbeing, Surrey AI Fellow

Catia Costa profile image

Dr Catia Costa

Research Fellow

Christopher Davis

Research Fellow in Space Weather and Atmospheric Radiation Modelling

Farshad Einabadi

Research Fellow in Audio-Visual AI

Dr Fariborz Entezami

5G Test Bed Manager

Jason Forshaw

Research Fellow II

Yulia Gryaditskaya profile image

Dr Yulia Gryaditskaya

Lecturer in People Centred Artificial Intelligence

Dr Alexander Hands

Research Assistant

Dr Seyed Hoseinitabatabaei

Senior Research Fellow

Bernard Hunt profile image

Bernard Hunt

5G Programme Manager

Dr Yasin Isfahani

Research Fellow

Dr Burak Karadag

Research Fellow

Amrit Pal Kaur profile image

Dr Amrit Kaur

Research Fellow in Electronic Systems

Mohsen Khalily profile image

Dr Mohsen Khalily

Senior Lecturer in Antenna and Propagation

Fasihullah Khan profile image

Dr Fasihullah Khan

Research Fellow

Dr Satish Kumar

Research Fellow

Dr Alexandr Kuzminskiy

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Mohamed Lakhal

Research Fellow

Ao Lei

Research Fellow in Communication Network Security

Giulio Luzzati

Research Staff

Charles Malleson profile image

Dr Charles Malleson

Research Fellow in Computer Vision, CVSSP, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Chunxu Mao

Senior Research Fellow

Özge Mercanoğlu Sincan profile image

Dr Ozge Mercanoglu Sincan

Research Fellow in Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Dr Karim Nasr

Research Fellow

Hung Viet Nguyen profile image

Dr Hung Nguyen

Research Staff

Dr Colin O'Reilly

Research Fellow

Eng-Jon Ong profile image

Dr Eng-Jon Ong

Research Fellow

Dr Haris bin Pervaiz

Research Fellow

Dr Craig Pitcher

Research Fellow

Riccardo Pozza profile image

Dr Riccardo Pozza

Chief Network Architect

Matthew Price

Research Staff

Dr Peng Qian

Research Fellow

Taran Rai profile image

Dr Taran Rai

Data Scientist

Indrachapa Bandara Rajapakshe Mudiyanselage profile image

Dr Indrachapa Bandara Rajapakshe Mudiyanselage

Research Fellow in Organic Electronics

Muhammad Awais profile image

Dr Muhammad Rana

Senior Lecturer in Trustworthy and Responsible AI. Leaading the research on foundation models and self-supervised learning

Dr Ruth Rawcliffe

Research fellow

Arshdeep Singh profile image

Dr Arshdeep Singh

UKAN+ Early Career Acoustic Champion, Research Fellow A in AI4S Project + Sustainability Fellow at the Institute for Sustainability

Dr Dionysia Triantafyllopoulou

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Seiamak Vahid

Senior Research Fellow

Yong Xia

Research Fellow

Lixia Xiao

Research Fellow

Kai Yang profile image

Dr Kai Yang

Lecturer in Energy Materials & Nanotechnology

Dr Na Yi

Senior Research Fellow

Ahmed Zoha

Research Fellow