Applied Microeconomics Group

The applied microeconomics group researches a variety of areas including labour economics, education, health, and family economics, consumption and demand, the economics of sport and crime, international trade and development economics. 

Our research

The group consistently publishes in world-class journals such as the American Economic Review, the Economic Journal, the Journal of the European Economic Association, the Journal of Political Economy, the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, the Journal of International Economics, Journal of Development Economics, and Labour Economics. Another example of the group’s achievements is Jo Blanden’s and Sonia Oreffice’s ranking among RePEc’s top 6% and 8% most cited female economists, respectively, as of December 2016.

The group attracts research funding from a number of sources including the Nuffield Foundation, the Sutton Trust and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.  It is also home to the Leverhulme Trust funded programme Delivering Better for Less: Improving Productivity in the Public Services, this programme has five full-time researchers led by Jo Blanden.  Sandra McNally is currently on research leave at the London School of Economics where she directs the Centre for Vocational Education Research (CVER), funded by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills.

The high quality research produced by the group has led to links with UK Government Departments including the Ministry of Justice, the Department for Education, the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills and the Department of Health. We also have related links to think tanks and pressure groups such as the Law Society, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) and the Family and Daycare Trust. Internationally, members have advisory positions with the European Committee for Standardisation, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the BELSPO Belgium and ongoing collaborations with the World Bank.

The group organizes regular dedicated seminars, and specialist workshops, the most recent of which explored the “Effects of early interventions on child health and education” and gathered internationally-known scholars in education, labour, and health economics.

Postgraduate research students

Name Research interests
Jin Wang Labour Economics
Sumaiya Rahman Labour Economics

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