EURRECA: EURopean micronutrient RECommendations Aligned


EURECCA is a European Network of Excellence. The overall objective of the project is to overcome fragmentation and create a sustainable collaborative network to develop quality assured aligned nutrient recommendations across Europe. Based on this, critical micronutrients and vulnerable population groups will be identified, which will guide the development of country-specific Food Based Dietary Guidelines.

This network will produce: 

  • Standardisation - for specific purposes and groups - of definitions, methodologies and markers to assess nutrient intake, status and requirements, with particular attention to vulnerable population groups.
  • Quality frameworks for all the above, and a system for their regular review.
  • EU-wide data on micronutrient status in order to identify vulnerable population groups.
  • Aligned nutrient recommendations across Europe.
  • The inclusion of a consumer perspective at all stages to ensure that the nutrient recommendations to be developed are relevant and useful.
  • Effective and innovative two way communication to all stakeholders including consumers, researchers, health professionals, teachers, consumer organisations, media and industry, a number of which are SME. 

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