Diet, Obesity and Genes (DiOGenes)


DiOGenes is an innovative multi-disciplinary, multi-centre research project to advance understanding of how obesity can be prevented and treated from a dietary perspective. It integrates does so by integrating studies of dietary, genetic, physiological and psychological/behavioural factors.

The project team is made up of world-class centres in diet and health studies, epidemiology, dietary genomics and food technology. It also includes 3 major representatives of the food industry and 5 Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). The project will use the new knowledge generated to demonstrate prototypes of innovative products or advice regimes which will help susceptible individuals to avoid weight gain and re-gain, collaborating with implementers to facilitate commercialisation in the market place .

The University of Surrey leads the research on the psychosocial and behavioural factors associated with successful weight maintenance following weight loss in overweight/obese participants, including expectations, attitudes, beliefs, concerns and acceptability of diets. This includes research both in the European cohort trials and in separate UK studies.