NUTRIMENTHE: The Effect of Diet on the Mental Performance of Children


NUTRIMENTHE is a new EU funded project to study the effect of early nutrition on the mental development of children.The project was launched on 22nd April 2008 during Granada’s Scientific Week on Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition in Europe: From Conception to Adolescence.

There is evidence that early nutrition can influence later mental performance, cognitive development and behaviour. The idea that the diet of mothers, infants and children influences long-term mental performance has major implications not just for public health practice and policy development, but also for food product development, economic progress and future wealth creation, even for our understanding of human biology itself.

NUTRIMENTHE addresses these areas by bringing together a multi-disciplinary team of international scientists and leaders in key areas of nutrition and mental performance from major research centres across Europe, co-ordinated through a professional management approach with horizontal, vertical and sectorial integration. This integrated approach brings together work from robust human experimental studies backed by modern prospective observational studies and molecular techniques.