Parkinson's Disease Manager


A new project will develop a system which will provide objective information about Parkinson's patients’ health status to health professionals using mobile technology. The mHealth platform development for Parkinson's Disease management (PD_Manager project) is being supported by the European Commission, which provided 4.4 million euros in funding.


A smart watch, an insole to measure gait and balance, an electronic pillbox and a set of applications for smartphone and/or tablet, will enable a medical team to monitor and assess the emotional and cognitive state of people with Parkinson's. With the support of a powerful server and online data collection system, it will be possible to provide each patient the specific therapeutic changes necessary to ensure the best treatment and develop a rehabilitation focused home-care system that will improve quality of life and reduce the risk of complications including falls.

This is the winning idea behind the project mHealth platform for Parkinson's Disease management (PD_Manager project).  Lasting three years, the project has received 4.3 million Euros funding from the European Union within the European framework program for research and innovation Horizon 2020.

The University of Surrey team will lead on two work packages: User requirements, policy and ethics (WP3) and Health economics evaluation of the mHealth DSS.

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