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Cultural shifts for sustainable systems

We research and promote system innovations so that sustainability becomes the new normal.

Programme aims

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To cultivate a sustainable future for humanity, it is essential to reconnect people with nature and separate human wellbeing from superfluous consumption.

Sustainability is long-term wellbeing for all and cannot emerge from institutions that prioritise short-term self-interest over social cooperation, ignoring the health of the biosphere that ensures humans survival.

The values and shared assumptions that define our culture and create our institutions must shift. Creating this change has the power to transform our notion of progress and put humanity on a path of regenerative development.

This theme applies systems theory and methods to initiate transformative change. It examines the cultural assumptions that have characterised unsustainable development in our society as a whole or in specific case studies for centuries. Through collaboration with external partners, we will promote cultural shifts that can lay the foundations for profound sustainable innovations.

This programme aligns to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) SDG3, SDG7, SDG8,  SDG12, SDG13 and SDG17.