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Air pollution interfaces with the health and environment

This themes philosophy will be to provide expertise from a cohort of sustainability fellows interested in air pollution research and its application, support the development of ideas by individuals for possible implementation and funding, and achieve what an individual cannot achieve by working independently.

Addressing the problem

Factory pollution and wind turbine

The air we breathe is mixed with a variety of chemical and biological contaminants arising from a range of natural and anthropogenic activities such as transport, power plants and household activities.

This cocktail of air contaminants/pollutants is complex, and the situation becomes even more complex when considering their path, as they are released and dispersed in a complicated urban environment. In these realistic conditions, the problem becomes broader and more complex and it cannot be addressed by one single discipline.

This core theme will be served by its five sub-themes bringing domain expertise in areas of:

  1. Field monitoring and characterisation
  2. Modelling (physical, computational, operational, exposure, health)
  3. Artificial intelligence applications
  4. Health and well-being applications
  5. Policy and governance.