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Energy and environment

Energy transition and decarbonisation are necessities. To meet climate targets, the global energy sector is shifting from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption to renewable energy sources like wind and solar, as well as batteries. However, there are safety, environmental and health issues related to this transition, which must be addressed. ​

Programme aims

Hydrogen tanks

This programme aims to build research connections and integrate strengths, in a transdisciplinary effort, across all three faculties at the University of Surrey. These include the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Science, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

The programme addresses the safety, environmental and health issues related to the three key pillars of decarbonisation: hydrogen, ammonia and electrification. ​In doing so, the programme supports and actions the transition to green energy through technology, public engagement and policy.

Associated issues with the concerns above call for expertise in economics for techno-economic analysis, public awareness and perception. In addition, awareness is needed of the effects from emissions on public health, marine life and the impact on the climate, which need to be addressed. ​

In the longer term, this programme will expand to other environmental issues related to energy transition to be guided by government and industry strategies. ​