Dr Itziar Castello

Senior Lecturer in Digital Economy



Itziar Castello is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the Department of Digital Economy at Surrey Business School in the UK.

Itziar is an expert on corporate social responsibility and sustainability in digital transitions. Itziar's research and advisory work has informed organizations including GE, IBM, CEMEX, Manpower, Cargill, Telefonica, Novo Nordisk, eBay.

Itziar's research offers insights how entrepreneurs and business intrapreneurs make sense and lead change towards more sustainable business in the digital economy. Specifically, she looks at the communication and governance challenges and opportunities.

Itziar has published in peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Management Studies, Research Policy, Journal of Business Ethics, Business & Society, Corporate Governance and Journal of Management Development. She has recently received three research awards (Best OMT Entrepreneurship Paper at the Academy of Management Conference 2015; Shortlisted for the Max Boisot Award at EGOS 2016 and Faculty of 1000 (F1000) as one of the top 2% world papers published in Medicine and Biology during April 2011). Her research also frequently appears in general and management venues such as The Huffington Post and Deusto-Harvard Business Review.

Beyond her academic career, Itziar has been working for the past fifteen years as business advisor in developing integrated business strategies on sustainability issues and digital transitions. Prior to her academic career in academia, Itziar had 8 years management experience working in companies such as AccountAbility (a leading think tank in sustainability), PricewaterhouseCoopers and General Electric as strategy advisor and internal consultant in process improvement and sustainability.

Itziar's has consulted, given masterclasses and executive education for top management in major corporations in the US and Europe. She teaches Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Digital Transitions and Qualitative Methods at undergraduate, MBA/ MSc, PhD and executive level. Itziar has received teaching awards at Master's and undergraduate program levels. In her teaching, she combines different innovative methods that include simulations, cases, readings, role plays, social media, project management and use her own case studies, working experience as sustainability expert, manager and certified as Master Black Belt in Six Sigma.

Itziar lectures regularly at leading business schools such as Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, IE, Spain and University Carlos III. Before joining Surrey, she held academic positions in management departments at Carlos III University in Spain and Copenhagen Business School. Itziar was awarded a PhD in Management Science and an Executive MBA from ESADE, a Master in International Economics from the College of Europe and a Master Degree on Development Economics from the University of Valencia.

Research interests

Strategies and sense making of Corporate Social Responsibilities, especially in digital transitionsNew frames and discourses towards sustainabilitySocial entrepreneurship identity and legitimacySocial innovation and value creation in the digital economyQualitative approaches to collecting and analysing online data


Qualitative Methods I and II, PhD program.


Researcher at Copenhagen Business School.

Member of the Academy of Management.

Member of European Group of Organization Studies.

My publications


Published articles peer reviewed

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Other published articles in reviews, books and book chapters

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Published articles in press: Hufftington Post (2016), Silicon Valley Business Journal (August 2013), Revista Bostezo (April 2010, 2014), Tribuna de Automoción (2º semester 2004), Expansión (15/12/2003), Revista de Sernauto (December 2003), Emprendedores (Octubre 2003), Revista l'Altraveu (September 2003).