Jacquetta Lee

Dr Jacquetta Lee

Reader in Sustainable Systems Analysis, Director of the Practitioner Doctorate Programme in Sustainability
+44 (0)1483 689478
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Dr Lee has a MEng in Mechanical Engineering and Materials and holds a PhD in Environmental Systems Analysis from Cranfield University. Prior to joining the Centre for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Surrey, she worked for Rolls-Royce plc in their Environmental Strategy Department, specialising in Life Cycle Assessment and Design for Environment.

On joining academia in 2003, she spent two years as a Leverhulme Special Research Fellow, investigating the potential for television to influence environmental behaviour of consumers. Dr Lee has a holistic approach to sustainability systems analysis, incorporating environmental and social aspects from both academic and industrial perspectives.  She has over 25 years of experience across a diverse range of industrial sectors including aerospace, electronics, construction,  agriculture , fast moving consumer goods market, automotive, nano-technology, architecture, and nuclear energy.  

Her current areas of research interest include the operationalisation of Absolute Sustainability through:

  • Business appropriate mid-point indicators for Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis,
  • The development of Stock and Flow (Performance Economy) diagrams for decision making in business
  • Social life cycle assessment approaches
  • Using internet trends to optimise the circular economy

She is leading research into reducing uncertainty in early design decision making within aeropsace, and improving resource efficiency in the electronics industry.

As Director of the Practitioner Doctorate in Sustainability Programme and Reader in Sustainable Systems Analysis at the at the University of Surrey, Dr Lee is responsible for engaging major industry leaders and high calibre postgraduate researchers to work collaboratively on specific research briefs designed to resolve current sustainability issues within industry.  This innovative programme offers an unparalleled opportunity, uniting academia and industry to develop solutions that will have enduring value for individual organisations, industry and governance.

She is the immediate past Executive Secretary for the International Society for Industrial Ecology.


Life cycle thinking and approaches

Environmental life cycle assessment (eLCA)

Design for Environment/Sustainability

Departmental duties

Director of the Practitioner Doctorate Programme in Sustainability (PDS)

Module Leader Professional Placement

My publications


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