Dr Rashi Dhensa Kahlon

Dr Rashpal K. Dhensa-Kahlon

Lecturer (Department of People and Organisations)
PhD Employment Relations & Organisational Behaviour (LSE); MSc Social & Organisational Psychology (LSE); BSc Psychology with Literature (University of Surrey)
+44 (0)1483 686362
48 MS 03
49MS03 (please email for appointment)


Affiliations and memberships

Fellow of The British Psychological Society
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK)
Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development

My teaching

My publications


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Baer MD, Dhensa-Kahlon RK, Colquitt JA, Rodell JB, Outlaw R, Long DM (2015)Uneasy Lies the Head that Bears the Trust: The Effects of Being Trusted on Emotional Exhaustion, In: Academy of Management Journal58(6)pp. 1637-1657 Academy of Management
Long DM, Baer MD, Colquitt JA, Outlaw CR, Dhensa-Kahlon RK (2015)What will the boss think?: The impression management implications of supportive relationships with star and project peers, In: Personnel Psychology68(3)pp. 463-498 Wiley