5G Innovation Centre

5G research

Research in the 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) will address the key challenges in the development of a 5G infrastructure capable of providing connectivity for future technologies.

A fundamental aim will be to use context – about users, services, networks and devices – to enable advanced communications capabilities that will provide an unparalleled user experience.

5GIC testbed

The 5GIC will carry out its work within the framework of seven key work areas, each of which will be led by a dedicated research team working in partnership with industry as mentors. These research projects will be supported by the Centre's live outdoor and indoor testbed, which will enable researchers and industry partners to test technologies in a real situation.

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*VF Test Centre=Vodafone Test Centre

The 5GIC supports The MultiSphere Project, which is looking at two paradigm shifts that have a strong potential to transform the way we design wireless communications systems.

Key work areas

Content and user / network context

This research area focuses on the capture, analysis and utilisation of context data related to various players in the 5G network such as content objects, end users and devices, as well as the network itself.

New air-interface

The main objective in this area is an air interface design for dense small cells with the focus on higher spectral efficiency, reduced latency, relaxed synchronisation requirements, flexibility in spectrum aggregation and bandwidth and higher energy efficiency.

Light MAC (medium access control) and RRM (radio resource management)

The aim of this work area is to maximise the number of users in a resource limited network and orchestration of resources from different networks while satisfying expected quality of experience of each user.

Multi-cell joint processing

One of the key characteristics of mobile communication systems is the overlap between nearby radio cells, which becomes more prevalent as we move towards increasingly dense and heterogeneous networks.

Antennas and propagation

Our research will output novel intelligent antenna designs to assist in meeting the capacity demands of 5G communications, while also characterising the radio propagation environments in which such antennas will need to operate.

System architecture co-existence

In the 5G environment, a new radio system architecture with a logical separation between the ability to establish network availability and to provide functionality or service could bring many benefits. We are working to define how such a system architecture could really work.

Testbed and proof of concepts

In addition to developing new 5G research concepts, an important mission of the 5GIC is to carry out technology implementation and performance evaluation in a real environment. Proof-of-concept for selected ideas will be implemented on bench testbeds and/or on a campus-wide testbed to verify the core ideas.