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Senior faculty staff

Executive dean

Annika Bautz profile image

Professor Annika Bautz

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Executive Dean (FASS)

Associate deans

Rachel Brooks profile image

Professor Rachel Brooks

Associate Dean (Research and Innovation)

Allan Johnson profile image

Dr Allan Kilner-Johnson

Associate Dean (Doctoral College)

Emma Mayhew profile image

Professor Emma Mayhew

Associate Dean (Education)

Alexander Seal profile image

Dr Alexander Seal

Associate Dean (International)

Heads of schools and departments

Bebhinn Donnelly-Lazarov profile image

Professor Bebhinn Donnelly-Lazarov

Head of the School of Law

Amelia Hadfield profile image

Professor Amelia Hadfield

Head of Department of Politics

Andrew King profile image

Professor Andrew King

Head of Department of Sociology

Chris Mark profile image

Dr Chris Mark

Head of Department of Music and Media

Catherine McNamara profile image

Professor Catherine McNamara

Head of the Guildford School of Acting

Patricia Pulham profile image

Professor Patricia Pulham

Head of the School of Literature and Languages

Gary Rivers profile image

Dr Gary Rivers

Deputy Dean of Surrey International Institute

Iis Tussyadiah profile image

Professor Iis Tussyadiah

Head of School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Steve Wood profile image

Professor Steve Wood

Dean of Surrey Business School

Maurizio Zanardi profile image

Professor Maurizio Zanardi

Head of School of Economics

Professional services staff

Ruth Gill

Ruth Gill

Director of Faculty Operations

Susan Lawson profile image

Susan Lawson

Strategic Communications Business Partner

Ivelina Yonova profile image

Ivelina Yonova

Faculty Research and Innovation Manager (FASS)