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Meet the team

Head of School

Maurizio Zanardi profile image

Professor Maurizio Zanardi

Head of School of Economics, Professor in Economics

Academic staff

Jo Blanden profile image

Professor Jo Blanden

Professor in Economics

Laura Blow profile image

Dr Laura Blow

Associate Professor

Irem Bozbay profile image

Dr Irem Bozbay

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Holger Breinlich profile image

Professor Holger Breinlich

Professor of Economics

Guilherme Carmona profile image

Professor Guilherme Carmona

Professor of Economics

Mona Chitnis profile image

Dr Mona Chitnis

Associate Professor in Energy Economics

Valentina Corradi profile image

Professor Valentina Corradi

Professor of Econometrics

Julian Costas-Fernandez profile image

Dr Julian Costas-Fernandez

Surrey Future Fellow

Alex Gershkov profile image

Professor Alexander Gershkov

Professor of Economics

Eric Golson profile image

Dr Eric Golson

Deputy Head of School, Undergraduate Programme Director, Associate Professor of Economics

Esteban Jaimovich profile image

Professor Esteban Jaimovich

Professor of Economics

Hyungseok Joo profile image

Dr Hyungseok Joo

Lecturer in Economics

Anastasios Karantounias profile image

Dr Anastasios Karantounias

Associate Professor of Economics

Paul Levine profile image

Professor Paul Levine

Professor of Economics

Jordi Llorens-Terrazas profile image

Dr Jordi Llorens-Terrazas

Lecturer in Econometrics

Alistair Macaulay profile image

Dr Alistair Macaulay

Surrey Future Fellow

Alex Mandilaras profile image

Dr Alexandros Mandilaras

Associate Professor, Deputy Head, Director of Learning

Federico Martellosio profile image

Dr Federico Martellosio

Associate Professor in Econometrics

Sandra McNally profile image

Professor Sandra McNally

Professor of Economics

Giuseppe Moscelli profile image

Dr Giuseppe Moscelli

Associate Professor (Reader) in Economics

Volker Nocke profile image

Professor Volker Nocke

Vice-Chancellor's Fellow

Sanna Nurmikko-Metsola profile image

Dr Sanna Nurmikko-Metsola

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Rigas Oikonomou profile image

Dr Rigas Oikonomou

Reader in Economics

Mario Pascoa profile image

Professor Mario Pascoa

Professor of Economics

Neil Rickman profile image

Professor Neil Rickman

Professor of Economics

Luciano Rispoli profile image

Dr Luciano Rispoli

Senior Lecturer

João Santos Silva profile image

Professor Joao Santos Silva

Professor in Economics

Kirill Shakhnov profile image

Dr Kirill Shakhnov

Lecturer in Economics

Peter Sims profile image

Dr Peter Sims

Senior Lecturer

Sorawoot (Tang) Srisuma profile image

Dr Sorawoot Srisuma

Reader in Econometrics

Kjetil Storesletten profile image

Professor Kjetil Storesletten

Vice-Chancellor's Fellow

Hitoshi Tsujiyama profile image

Dr Hitoshi Tsujiyama

Senior Lecturer

Francesco Vitiello profile image

Dr Francesco Vitiello

Lecturer in Economics

Alessio Volpicella profile image

Dr Alessio Volpicella

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Zhe Wang profile image

Dr Zhe Wang

Teaching Fellow

Robert Witt profile image

Professor Robert Witt

Professor of Economics

Aliaksandr Zaretski profile image

Dr Aliaksandr Zaretski

Lecturer in Economics

Research staff

Melisa Sayli profile image

Dr Melisa Sayli Ugurlu

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Emeritus staff

Graham Bird

Emeritus Professor

Colin Robinson

Emeritus Professor

Associate staff

Carole Nakhle profile image

Dr Carole Nakhle

Associate Lecturer in Energy Economics

Postgraduate research students

Professional services staff

Helen Dee

Helen Dee

School Administrative Officer